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Boys' clogs

Perfect for all in- and outdoor activities: Durable and comfortable clogs for boys. Discover the trendy collection that is suitable for all ages.

Comfort meets style: BIRKENSTOCK clogs for boys

No matter the time and place, boys like to run around and have fun. While they are constantly looking for a new adventure, we want to make sure that their growing feet receive the support they need. That is why BIRKENSTOCK has invented a flexible footbed that is designed to provide comfort, a secure grip and pure joy. The clogs for boys by BIRKENSTOCK help maintain the natural motion of the foot by providing the best anatomical support. Thus, they are ideal companions for a wide range of activities in the house, on the playground or at school. Are you looking for eye-catching toddler boy clogs? Luckily, the BIRKENSTOCK collection for kids includes even the smallest of sizes in different varieties and colors.

High-quality boys' clogs – Sustainable materials that move

Just like all other BIRKENSTOCK products, the boys' clogs are made from superior materials and meet the highest quality standards in the shoe industry. Cork, natural latex and copper are only a few of the sustainable resources used to ensure durability and to promote the wearer's foot health. All materials undergo strict quality and safety controls and are, whenever possible, sourced from Europe. The quality and simplicity of the final BIRKENSTOCK product translates into function and style for all women, men, boys and girls.

The stylish clogs for boys come in two different upper materials: microfiber and Birko-Flor®. The latter is a high quality and durable synthetic material that offers day-long comfort for active kids. A soft fleece backing creates next-to-skin comfort, while smooth vinyl on the outside provides a more robust surface that is easy to clean. Thanks to its ingenious design, the Birko-Flor® felt-lined boys' clogs are not only extremely comfortable, but also look like true leather clogs. But unlike shoes made from real leather, they are completely water-resistant and require no break-in.

EVA – The flexible sole for active boys

One of the signature attributes of the BIRKENSTOCK boys' clogs is their lightweight and flexible EVA-sole. EVA stands for Ethyl Vinyl Acetate and is a non-toxic synthetic compound that comes with several advantages. Most kids love to jump around and need shoes that are flexible and shock absorbent. That is why boys' rubber clogs with EVA are designed just for them: On top of being extremely shock-absorbent, they are lightweight and resistant to water, acid, oil and grease. The time-tested material makes EVA-soles perfect for walking on uneven ground as they support the foot's natural motion, no matter if you are walking, running or jumping.

Designs inspired by boys

Nowadays, both girls and boys develop their sense of style from an early age and want to make a good impression while socializing on the playground or at school. That is why BIRKENSTOCK offers current styles and colors not only for girls, but also for every boy. And the best part: The majority of the comfortable clogs for boys are extremely versatile and go with almost every outfit.

From toddler boys' camo clogs to clogs with colorful soles like bright orange or blue – with the BIRKENSTOCK kids' collection, boys can express who they really are while sporting their favorite outfit. Beautiful colors like sandwashed blue or green and warm shades like stone, taupe or brown turn the clog to an all-rounder-shoe in every boy's wardrobe.

BIRKENSTOCK boys' clogs: Since every boy is different

Over 240 years of experience have taught BIRKENSTOCK that functional and comfortable footwear does not only need to be durable, but also anatomically correct. Since every foot is different, adjustable features are absolutely essential, especially when it comes to kids' shoes. Therefore, both the Kay and Boston boys' clogs have at least one solid strap that can be adjusted to the shape of the wearer's feet. A sturdy metal buckle ensures that the strap will stay in place during all movements. Some models even feature a trendy heel strap offering additional grip for the most boisterous play.

BIRKENSTOCK boys' clogs are sustainable, durable and made from safe, high quality materials. All models come in attractive child-friendly designs and have stood the test of time. Even the most active boys will not be able to wear them out, no matter how far their next adventure will take them.