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TEMA: REFRESHINGLY SPORTY Discover all TEMA models now

TEMA: REFRESHINGLY SPORTY Discover all TEMA models now

The casual BIRKENSTOCK TEMA boasts a handy, individually adjustable hook-and-loop fastener and is perfect for anyone who loves to combine sporty looks with their everyday outfits.

The casual BIRKENSTOCK TEMA boasts a handy, individually adjustable hook-and-loop fastener and is perfect for anyone who loves to combine sporty looks with their everyday outfits.

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TEMA: sporty, urban BIRKENSTOCKs 

Do you prefer an active style in your day-to-day life? Our single-strap TEMA sandals combine classic BIRKENSTOCK features like the anatomically shaped cork/latex footbed with a fashionable and sporty design. Comfy and practical all at once, TEMA sandals are the perfect choice for anyone that pushes the limits. 

Fleet of foot throughout the summer 

Practical like a bathing sandal, fashionable like a couture sandal: the BIRKENSTOCK TEMA sandals combine comfy sportiness with fashionable chic. With their practical hook-and-loop strap, they can be perfectly adjusted to all kinds of foot types and are incredibly easy to put on and take off. As a classic single-strap model, TEMA sandals can be slipped on in an instant. The easy-care upper made of microfibre isn’t just kind to the skin, it is also breathable and incredibly easy to maintain. Dirt can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. The BIRKENSTOCK TEMA is available for men and women alike in sizes 2.5 to 11.5 as a timeless unisex model. 

A practical companion in water, in the city and in day-to-day life 

Whether it’s as an alternative to trainers, after sport, in the swimming pool or on a summer holiday: the BIRKENSTOCK TEMA is a reliable companion for leisure time and day-to-day life. The wide strap with an individually adjustable fastener, the honeycomb textured pattern and the slightly raised BIRKENSTOCK logo give these characteristic slip-ons their characteristic look. Thanks to the lightweight, treaded sole made of waterproof, shock-absorbing ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), your feet are sure to stay dry and protected even when in direct contact with water – when walking around the edge of the pool or when taking a stroll on the beach, for example. In addition to bold tones like black or blue, fresh colours like sunny yellow or vibrant red are also available. 

Quality based on tradition: our comfy BIRKENSTOCK footbed 

TEMA sandals are bound to impress from the very first glance with their casual look, yet even more qualities become apparent on closer inspection: for example, this open summer shoe features the tried-and-tested BIRKENSTOCK footbed made of cork and latex. Today, the inner sole – which is designed to imitate a natural footprint – is one of the most famous BIRKENSTOCK features and has been a key feature of the brand since the 1930s. In addition to the two layers of jute and a moisture-regulating suede lining, the shock-absorbing, highly flexible cork and latex core truly sets the BIRKENSTOCK footbed apart. It provides support and relieves pressure with every step. 

So versatile and Made in Germany 

With its sporty look, the BIRKENSTOCK TEMA looks just as great with summery shorts as it does with jeans and chinos. For women, this model can be worn with fashionable, cropped culottes and capri trousers as well as straight-cut skirts and casual dresses. With their low weight, these chic slip-ons can also be easily stored in your beach bag and in your luggage as a second pair of shoes. Made in Germany is a cherished tradition at BIRKENSTOCK. While the first successful models came from the production facility in Friedberg, Hesse, today, the famous footbed is produced in the BIRKENSTOCK production facility in Görlitz, which was opened in the spring of 2019. 

BIRKENSTOCK TEMA: just as individual as your lifestyle 

True BIRKENSTOCK lovers swear by the attractive mix of premium materials, fashionable design and characteristic comfort. That’s why we are constantly expanding the range of models for women, men and kids. Whether water-resistant or vegan, exclusive or in an adventure look: be inspired by real classics and new footwear favourites. 

Here’s how to find your perfect fit 

Available in two different versions for normal and narrow feet, the BIRKENSTOCK TEMA offers unbeatable comfort. Our size calculator for sandals helps you to find your perfect fit. If you do not know the exact measurements of your feet, you can easily work these out yourself with just a few tools. Our size calculator shows you how to do this!