Further information about the kitchen and food services occupational category


Cleanliness is paramount in the food services sector and in the kitchen. For hygiene reasons, there are strict legal regulations anywhere food is processed or prepared. But employees in these industries also need to be able to move quickly, as guests don't like to wait long for their food. Service employees are constantly on the go and are therefore especially susceptible to accidents.

Floors in kitchens and food service areas are often wet, greasy and slippery. And such work also places a severe amount of stress on employees' feet. Last but not least, chefs, bakers and service employees spend nearly the entire day on their feet – and they do this for their entire professional lives.

For employees in the food services industry – chefs, bakers, butchers and staff in the kitchen and service area – there is the BIRKENSTOCK Professional with the super-grip sole. The construction of the sole offers an especially high level of comfort. A shock-absorbing midsole made of flexible EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) automatically smooths out slight irregularities in the floor and helps ensure a secure step. The oil- and grease-resistant, nonslip tread of the sole, which is made of high-quality rubber, meets the standards according to EN ISO 20347 SRC.

BIRKENSTOCK'S Safe & Clean models are also suitable for use in the kitchen or food service area. The special clogs can be washed and disinfected at temperatures of up to 80° C. The replaceable cork footbed can be removed by hand and washed at 30° C. The polyurethane footbed, which is also replaceable, can be washed at 60° C. So the footbeds need to be washed separately from the clogs.
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