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Strappy sandals for women with BIRKENSTOCK footbed

We can’t imagine life without them: the stylish BIRKENSTOCK one-strap sandals. Be it for indoors or outdoors – start your day right with the high-quality BIRKENSTOCK one-strap sandals.

We can’t imagine life without them: the stylish BIRKENSTOCK one-strap sandals. Be it for indoors or outdoors – start your day right with the high-quality BIRKENSTOCK one-strap sandals.

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Single-strap sandals for women

An integral part of our range of shoes: the stylish single-strap sandals by BIRKENSTOCK. Whether for indoor or outdoor use – single-strap sandals make you feel as if you are walking barefoot.

The high-quality single-strap sandals by BIRKENSTOCK help you to seize the day

– just slip them on and your feet feel as if they are on cloud nine. The soft footbed adapts perfectly to any foot shape and helps you make it through the day without aches and pains in your feet. Single-strap sandals are perfect for those looking for a shoe that is quick to put on, but still offers premium quality and a stylish design. With single-strap sandals by BIRKENSTOCK, there is nothing standing between you and an active lifestyle. They are true all-rounders that make life easier – fashion-conscious women wear single-strap sandals at home, during warm summer months in the garden, while on the go or at the beach. Single-strap sandals tick all the boxes with their quality and design.

The wide range of single-strap sandals

At BIRKENSTOCK, we have single-strap sandals to suit all tastes and preferences. We have the perfect pair for both men and women. Thanks to our large selection of different shapes, designs and colours, you can quickly find the perfect model for any occasion. Have a look at our extensive selection and get inspired by the styling recommendations.

A wide range of fits to ensure maximum comfort while walking

Perfect for those that like to move at a fast pace: Single-strap sandals are sure to impress with their decorative buckle, which provides exceptional comfort and a secure fit. The buckle is adjustable and allows the wearer to perfectly adjust the sandal to fit the shape of their foot. Single-strap sandals by BIRKENSTOCK are also available in two different widths – normal and narrow. Because every foot is unique, and this option makes it possible to find the perfect fit for your foot. When choosing the right size, you should keep in mind that there should be a few millimetres of space at the heel and the toe. This ensures that the sandal fits properly and will see you through the day without any problems.

Single-strap sandals are a must-have for fashion-conscious women

They are comfy and chic, and it is difficult to imagine summer without them: The single-strap models from the Madrid collection are bound to impress with their minimalist design and guarantee maximum comfort. Summery and bold in a wide range of colour or elegant and laid-back in black – regardless of which model you choose, the single-strap sandals by BIRKENSTOCK are sure to turn heads. The single-strap models are also incredibly versatile – they look great with slim-fitting jeans, airy summer dresses or with chic business looks. They are simple yet exciting, with the adjustable buckles giving them that certain something that makes them so special.

A sporty look throughout the day with single-strap sandals

In contrast to the classic single-strap sandals by BIRKENSTOCK, the Tema model impresses with its practical Velcro fastener. The soft and skin-friendly upper made of microfibre nestles around the foot perfectly and stands out in summery colours like coral, mint or green. On this model, even the colour of the footbed is coordinated with the Velcro fastener, which gives the sandal a sporty and casual look. The buckle can be easily adjusted, enabling the sandal to be perfectly tailored to all foot types. These single-strap sandals can be worn by any woman who has an active day-to-day life and wants to add the finishing touch to their outfit. The Tema model should be paired with cloth trousers, slim-fitting jeans or short trousers for a stylish fashion statement.

Vegan single-strap sandals – a special IT piece

The popular Madrid model by BIRKENSTOCK is now also available in a vegan design. All vegan shoes by BIRKENSTOCK are produced using absolutely no animal products. In this case, the upper is not made of leather, but instead of Birko-Flor®: A high-quality synthetic material made from a hygienic PVC plastic, which is fitted with a breathable fleece layer on the inside. This material impresses with its comfy and soft feel but it is also very durable. It’s the perfect choice for those that want to avoid animal products, but don’t want to sacrifice the quality and exceptional comfort that is synonymous with BIRKENSTOCK. The vegan models can be styled in the same way as their classic counterparts. Whether you wear them with trousers or a skirt – the vegan single-strap sandals give your look a sporty, casual touch.

Comfortable throughout the day thanks to the sophisticated footbed

The exceptional comfort of the single-strap models and all other BIRKENSTOCK shoes is primarily due to the unique footbed, which imitates a natural footprint in the sand. Only natural materials made from sustainable resources are used to make the footbed. The cork-latex footbed ensures a well-balanced foot climate and the suede lining perfectly moulds around the contours of the foot. The deep heel cup provides stable support, the transverse arch support stabilises the metatarsals and the toe grip ensures that the toes remain loose and spread out in their natural position. To ensure that you can continue to benefit from the exceptional benefit offered by the BIRKENSTOCK footbed, with most BIRKENSTOCK models you receive replacement footbeds in addition to special insoles.

Discover BIRKENSTOCK single-strap sandals and much more online

With single-strap sandals by BIRKENSTOCK you are perfectly prepared for the warm summer months. Our product range includes single-strap sandals in a wide range of colours, shapes and designs that make you feel as if you are walking on clouds. Get inspired and order your dream model online from the comfort of your own home. You can look forward to a pair of comfortable shoes with a stylish design that are sure to last a long time.