Further information about occupational categories that involve a lot of standing and moving

Weeding flowerbeds, harvesting vegetables you've grown yourself, sweeping up leaves – tending to your own garden is one of life's finer pleasures. Garden work allows you to disconnect from the world and recharge your batteries. And while it's a place for rest and relaxation for some, for others it's a place for work. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, if you spend a lot of time in the garden, you need sturdy and comfortable shoes.

Good shoes are essential for anyone whose job involves standing or moving around a lot. Working in a nursing home, in a hospital, in food service or in a kitchen puts a lot of stress on employees' feet – and these jobs are usually performed for a lifetime. Good work shoes not only ensure that their feet will feel as comfortable as possible throughout the workday – they also help prevent work accidents and posture problems. Those who stand or walk a lot as part of their job need to look for an anatomically shaped footbed and a good fit.

And a flexible, soft outsole that supports the natural rolling motion of the foot and offers a firm grip – even on slippery surfaces, such as tiled floors – is especially important. To meet the needs of these workers, BIRKENSTOCK has developed the super-grip sole.

The special sole for jobs that involve a lot of standing or moving is comprised of two components: The nonslip, oil- and grease-resistant sole made of high-quality rubber gives the shoes the grip they need; the sole meets the standards of EN ISO 13287. The shock-absorbing midsole made of ultralight, very flexible EVA automatically smooths out slight irregularities in the floor, reducing the impact on joints. So the super-grip sole is particularly suitable for daily use in hospitals, kitchens and the food service industry.

In many professions that involve a lot of standing or moving, closed shoes or clogs with heel straps are mandatory. Heel straps ensure that the shoe fits firmly and prevent the foot from sliding out of the heel cup. So your feet will have firm support – even when you have to move quickly to meet the demands of the hectic workday.

You can find out what points you must keep in mind when buying shoes for use in the kitchen, medical areas or food service industry directly from your employer or professional association.
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