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MEN’S CLOGS Comfortable and masculine clogs for men

MEN’S CLOGS Comfortable and masculine clogs for men

Looking for new clogs? Whether you choose a classic style, a model with an ankle strap or a shearling version: our clog models for men are true all-rounders – perfect for home, leisure and everyday life.

Looking for new clogs? Whether you choose a classic style, a model with an ankle strap or a shearling version: our clog models for men are true all-rounders – perfect for home, leisure and everyday life.

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Men’s clogs by BIRKENSTOCK.

BIRKENSTOCK clogs are true legends: that’s why they haven’t merely enjoyed many years of popularity, but also regularly enjoy a proper comeback as a stylish eye-catcher.

Clogs for men: maximum comfort and durability.

Men are loyal to their favourite shoes. Men’s clogs by BIRKENSTOCK also have the potential to become your new favourite shoes. Not only are they stylish, they are also finished to high quality standards, produced using sustainable methods and materials and incredibly durable. The original footbed is the heart of every BIRKENSTOCK model and ensures maximum comfort in all situations – it supports and relieves the load on your feet, joints and back with every step. The typical cut of the clog, with an open front and closed back, is incredibly practical and makes this model quick to slip on and off. This makes clogs the perfect choice for any man looking for comfortable, practical and reliable footwear. However, you don’t have to sacrifice an individual look, because BIRKENSTOCK has the right design for any occasion and taste.

Classic clogs – the Boston: style and comfort throughout the day.

Anyone who prefers a classic look will love the Boston. This BIRKENSTOCK legend adds a bold statement to any outfit. The Boston is available in an incredibly extensive range of designs. Whether in classic, subtle tones, in a camouflage look, in dyed, premium cowhide or in a metallic look, the simple, round shape of this classic model perfectly rounds off any style. The Boston is a reliable shoe that you can wear all year round. With or without socks, with shorts or with jeans, the BIRKENSTOCK men’s clogs can be effortlessly combined with any outfit. The customisable designs enable a great deal of flexibility and make the Boston a real all-rounder. The lightweight, flexible EVA lightweight sole and the original footbed provide maximum comfort – even on long days. You can easily adjust the clog to suit your foot type using the stable metal buckle on the integrated strap. While clogs made of microfibre or suede are wonderful in the warm summer months when worn without socks, the model with a natural shearling lining keeps your feet warm and cosy throughout winter. The strap with a lining on the underside is extra cosy and adds a stylish flair on cold days. The cork footbed is thermo-insulating and also has excellent cushioning properties. If you’re looking for an extra level of comfort, then the Boston model with a soft footbed is the right choice for you: Thanks to the additional foam insert, the soft footbed provides even more comfort. The incredibly soft, breathable suede also maintains a good foot climate – even during strenuous activity – while the EVA outsole gently cushions every one of your steps. The Boston is also available in a wide range of colours – from subtle, earthy tones to cool nuances and metallic, simple white.

Comfort and safety throughout the day with BIRKENSTOCK – even at your job.

Clogs aren’t just the perfect shoe for leisure looks. They are also perfect for your day-to-day work life thanks to their incredibly comfy design. If work a job that requires you to be on your feet for long periods of time, you need a reliable show the provides optimum support for your body. BIRKENSTOCK has a range of comfortable clogs that protect your feet and joints with each step. The Tokio SL is the perfect clog for workers that need a sturdy, comfortable shoe for their long days at work: the super grip sole supports the natural rolling motion of the foot and protects the joints and back. An additional EVA midsole provides maximum cushioning. The clog has a rubber tread, which protects the wearer against slipping and provides noticeably improved stability. The sole is tested in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 20347:2012 and is assigned to category SRC – the best possible category. The high level of stability provided by the Tokio SL is further improved by the adjustable ankle strap. The Kay also provides a safe and secure fit at all times. This clog is particularly well suited to jobs in the medical sector. The Kay model combines the characteristics of two BIRKENSTOCK classics – the Tokio and the Boston. The super grip sole protects the wearer against slipping, supports the natural rolling motion of the foot and is resistant to oil and grease. The upper instep strap of this clog can be folded back and used as an ankle strap for even better support. On the leather version of this clog, the EVA midsole also has a soft footbed. This makes the Kay the perfect choice for long days – even for those with sensitive feet. Just like the Tokio SL, the Kay was assigned to the best possible non-slip category (SRC) in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 20347:2012.

Men’s clogs with a feel-good factor.

When it comes to comfort, the BIRKENSTOCK Kaprun is right up there with the previously mentioned models. This colourful clog with a high heel has a lively, feel-good look. The two layers of felt in different colours add an eye-catching detail. This highlight adds a fresh, lively touch to muted outfits. The outsole in a contrasting colour not only adds an exciting contrast to the upper of the clog: It is also incredibly lightweight and comfortable thanks to the EVA sole.

Clean and sporty: the Amsterdam.

In contrast, the Amsterdam men’s clog has a minimalist, classic design. The simple look of the shoe combines comfort with coolness. The organic-looking finish of the wool felt upper accentuates the natural, clean look of this clog. A soft, shape-retentive inner sole made of microfibre gives this shoe its typical comfort, while the enlarged shaft provides extra support. The Amsterdam Rubberized Black, on the other hand, has a bold, futuristic design. The mix of materials composed of nylon and microfibre give this shoe a bold, sporty look without sacrificing the typical simplicity of the design. The diamond-like texture of the upper makes the shoe look even more snug and exclusive.

Cool and robust: BIRKENSTOCK meets Marvel heroes.

The Shetland clog is the perfect model for any man who wants to make a statement. Whether you’re a fan of The Incredible Hulk, Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man) or the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man: let the world know with your shoes. With these cool superhero clogs, you can dive straight into your own adventures, as the PU coating gives them an extra level of protection. The combination of the Birko-Flor with a soft, breathable layer of fleece also provides additional comfort. This shoe is also incredibly skin-friendly and durable. Show your passion – with clogs from BIRKENSTOCK.

Quality and sustainability with all models.

The high-quality finish, the legendary designs and the comfortable footbed make BIRKENSTOCK clogs truly special. Whether you're talking about clogs, low shoes, boots or sandals: BIRKENSTOCK always meets the maximum quality standards in the global footwear industry and places a great deal of emphasis on sustainability when it comes to the production of their footwear products. On all models, the original footbed is made of high-quality natural raw materials that are sourced sustainably. In this way, BIRKENSTOCK makes no compromises when it comes to the sourcing or processing of these materials. Thanks to the gentle production process, the regenerative raw materials retain their positive natural properties and provide an unrivalled level of comfort.