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For the Men: Sand Colors

In collaboration with our guest author and style expert Dominik H. Müller, professional photographer and lifestyle blogger, we present some first-hand styling tips and discuss the latest trends.

“Back to the ’70s” is a common theme in the current spring/summer season. The look encapsulates a love of life and desire for freedom, combined with a casual earthiness.

"Sand colors are a perfect match for the trendy ’70s look."

Sandy shades form the foundation of the classic ’70s color palette, be it tone-on-tone or in combination with bold colors like buttercup yellow or saturated sky blue.

BIRKENSTOCK sandals were an important fashion item in the ’70s. Today, the same footwear remains an essential piece of an individual and free-spirited look.

Whether they are worn with jeans and a simple white t-shirt or a more tailored pant and blazer combo, a pair of sand-colored BIRKENSTOCK sandals complete the look with stylish ease.

"Be down-to-earth with your feet on the ground as you go through life, but stay stylish."

About Dominik H. Müller

Born in 1993, he discovered a strong interest in photography at the age of 15. He later began studying at Design Akademie Berlin in 2014. Since then, many actors, singers, and models have found their way in front of his camera, and he is passionate about discovering architecture and landscapes with them.

“I want to do more in my blog than report on fashion and my work as a photographer. I also like to write about the celebrities I meet on my journey. These are people who have a story to tell – real individuals who do their own thing and take advantage of the opportunities they are given in life.”