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BIRKENSTOCK offers you the perfect footwear to give 100% to others while also providing for your own well-being: whether in a clinic or an operating theatre, the anatomically shaped footbed of our work and safety shoes provides you with relief when standing for several hours a day or running about on your feet.

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BIRKENSTOCK work shoes for care workers and medical professionals: comfortable and practical 

Committed hospital staff and care workers need shoes that are not only comfortable, but also washable and non-slip. That is why BIRKENSTOCK work shoes for care workers and healthcare professionals are the perfect choice for those who have a long and physically demanding work day. These shoes combine excellent comfort when walking with reliable functionality. 


For care homes and clinics: comfy shoes for your day-to-day work 

Whether you’re a care assistant for the elderly or a nurse: you need the right work shoes so that you can give your all during your stressful day-to-day work life. Those who work in an elderly home or a hospital usually end up spending the whole day on their feet and need work shoes that are not only comfortable, but also practical.  
The BIRKENSTOCK work shoes for hospitals and other medical facilities meet these requirements and much more: staff in medical practices, hospitals, care homes, pharmacies and other medical professions can rely on these functional and comfortable work shoes that are incredibly comfy to wear and to walk in. For example, the BIRKENSTOCK clogs relieve the load on your muscles and joints even on long work days in the hospital or the clinic.  
Even though well-known work shoes like the white clogs are very popular in hospitals nowadays, shoes for nurses and other medical professionals don’t necessarily have to be white: that’s why BIRKENSTOCK work shoes are available in a wide range of tasteful designs and lots of different colours.  


Practical work shoes for care homes and hospitals: washable, non-slip and anti-static 


Comfortable, ergonomic and washable work shoes are just as important in the clinic, lab, doctor’s surgery or physiotherapy practice as they are in a care home when it comes to meeting the high demands of day-to-day work. To support those who perform these important roles, BIRKENSTOCK has developed special shoes for hospitals and similar environments: not only are these shoes good for your back and feet when standing and walking thanks to the characteristic BIRKENSTOCK footbed, they also fulfil many other occupational health requirements in the medical and care sector. For example, the BIRKENSTOCK work shoes comply with most of the relevant EN-ISO standards.  
The various versions of the BIRKENSTOCK work shoes for care workers and healthcare professionals boast the following practical properties:  
Anatomically shaped  
Replaceable footbed  
Water- and dirt-repellent  
Non-slip and anti-static  
Grease- and oil-resistant soles 
This wide range of practical features isn’t just ideal for those working in the care sector or in hospitals: lots of the work shoe models are also perfect for use in kitchens and the catering sector. Workers in these fields are also on their feet a lot and work in places where non-slip and washable footwear is extremely important.  


The BIRKENSTOCK work shoe models for care homes, hospitals or practices 

BIRKENSTOCK shoes don’t just stand for quality and comfort, they are also incredibly practical and versatile. This is demonstrated by the high-quality work shoes for medical professionals: the various models are produced with great care and use only the finest materials that are practical, robust and durable. 


Super Birkis – the ultimate work shoes for day-to-day work in care homes and clinics 

The Super Birki by BIRKENSTOCK is the ultimate all-rounder in our range of work shoes. The shoe is made of high-quality polyurethane and is oil- and grease-resistant, crush-resistant and water- and dirt-repellent. The robust material can be washed and disinfected at up to 80 degrees, which makes it incredibly hygienic. That’s why the Super Birki isn’t just used as a hospital shoe, but can also be used for work in the garden or in the food industry. The work shoe, which is also very popular in the care sector, features a cork and latex outsole covered with textile, which ensures optimal cushioning. This versatile work shoe is available as a typical white hospital work shoe, in lots of muted or bold colours and even with funny print motifs that add a touch of brightness to your day-to-day work life.  


(Not just) white hospital clogs: work shoes with super grip 

Everyone is familiar with the classic white clogs used as work shoes in hospitals and similar settings. BIRKENSTOCK work shoes with a non-slip super grip sole are ideal for tireless care workers and medical professionals who display incredible endurance by spending entire days on their feet to help others. The super outsole, such as those on the Tokio or Boston “hospital clogs”, don’t just ensure an optimal rolling motion of the foot, they are also non-slip. The integrated EVA midsole cushions every step you take perfectly, and the non-slip rubber outsole is oil- and grease-resistant. 


For work shoes that are in constant use: BIRKENSTOCK replacement footbeds 

BIRKENSTOCK work shoes for hospitals, pharmacies, labs, doctor’s surgeries or therapy practices help to ensure that your work day is as comfortable and safe as possible. BIRKENSTOCK replaceable footbeds are available for almost every work shoe model. You can simply order these online and then swap them over. This helps to ensure that you are able to enjoy your shoes for as long as possible while working as a carer or nurse.