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Comfortable and feminine women’s clogs

Looking for new clogs? Whether you choose a classic style, a model with an ankle strap or a wedge heel: our clog models for women are true all-rounders and can be perfectly worn at home, in your leisure time and day-to-day life.

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Women’s Clogs: The Familiar versus Fashion-Forward

The traditional image of a modest cold-weather clog is due for an upgrade. And the BIRKENSTOCK women’s clog collection doesn’t disappoint. When it comes to variety, reliability and fashion-consciousness, there is a clog for every woman and taste.

The modern clog for today’s woman

An array of styles and details make the BIRKENSTOCK collection of clogs for women a delight to explore.

The components of a BIRKENSTOCK shoe

  • Timeless style– Fur and shearling details dress up some of our classic clogs to create unique winter looks—the Kaprun and shearling-lined styles are a few highlights. The extremely versatile polyurethane and EVA versions are lightweight, all-season options that carry the clogs through warmer months. As a bonus, they are hard-performing and easy to wear—so soft, flexible and washable.
  • Playing with the heel– Low, flat comfort is the reliable perk of the BIRKENSTOCK women’s clog. One look at the classic Boston and Amsterdam styles reminds you how comfy the clog can be. What happens when you raise that heel? The result is the wedge clog. With its covered front, open back and curved heel, the wedge clog is a feminine and playful silhouette that doesn’t compromise function.
  • Colours, furs, and prints– The warm, earthy colours for which the BIRKENSTOCK clogs have been known and beloved are now offered alongside vibrant jewel tones (berry-like Burgundy), multi-colour prints (Golden Age colours) and futuristic metallic leather finishes (Silver or Copper). These options create a different vibe for every mood and ensemble.

BIRKENSTOCK clogs in style

BIRKENSTOCK clogs for women are on proud display everywhere from the high street through runways and showrooms across the globe. Because really, there is no one way to wear a BIRKENSTOCK clog.

  • Cosy, casual, everyday The women’s clog has long been worn with a favourite pair of go-to jeans. Cuffed at just the right length to show off a hint of the inner shearling lining, the look presents as modern and fun. Paired with a long boho skirt through which it can peek out, a low clog completes a look that’s girly and slightly tomboy-ish.
  • High fashion Style influencers and catwalks continue to bring BIRKENSTOCKs justly into the high-fashion space. And the women’s clog collection fits right in. Try a low, classic clog with a loose-fitting, all-black monochromatic ensemble. Styled around an easy, pair of trousers, the Boston in black leather or fur hide would be a simple, chic choice.