Further information about the food industry occupational category


The industrial production of food is subject to stringent hygiene and safety standards. Food companies must meet a wide range of legal requirements intended to ensure consumer health. So the requirements for professional clothing are correspondingly high. At the same time, employees come into contact with a wide array of chemically active substances, such as lyes and fats. The most important requirement for clothing in the food industry is cleanliness. This also applies to shoes. Shoes must be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. In addition, work shoes have to be secure and prevent workplace accidents.

BIRKENSTOCK offers a wide array of clogs for the food industry. Its polyurethane clogs, with and without steel toe, are popular with employees who work in kitchens and the food service industry. They have a replaceable, anatomically shaped footbed and can be washed and disinfected at temperatures of up to 80° C. The replaceable cork footbed can be washed at 30° C. The polyurethane footbed, which is also replaceable, can be washed at 60° C. So the footbeds need to be washed separately from the clogs.
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