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Two-strap sandals with an anatomically shaped footbed

Popular two-strap sandal: the ARIZONA has been a hit for decades, giving it cult status. It boasts timeless design and is always a stylish choice.

Popular two-strap sandal: the ARIZONA has been a hit for decades, giving it cult status. It boasts timeless design and is always a stylish choice.

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The Arizona is the best-selling BIRKENSTOCK sandal. Introduced in 1973, it has millions of dedicated fans around the world. Many of them have several pairs of this model in their closet. That's because, like all of our classic models, this two-strap sandal comes in a number of different colors and materials.

The Arizona has two adjustable straps and a nickel-free metal buckle that ensure a very comfortable fit. The two straps hold the sandal firmly in place. So this two-strap sandal is comfortable, even over longer distances. The anatomically formed cork and latex footbed provides support, even when you're on the go for long periods of time. That may explain why the sandal is so popular among backpackers around the world.

The Arizona has helped to shape BIRKENSTOCK'S image like no other sandal. For many, it is the epitome of the BIRKENSTOCK sandal because of its iconic design. Although it has hardly changed at all in terms of function and basic design in nearly four decades, the sandal is as trendy today as ever. Maybe that's because this model offers more versions than any other style. As a result, this classic sandal has been the it-piece for fashionistas almost non-stop for decades. The Arizona is a must-have – everyone should have a pair in their closet.

The versatile two-strap sandal comes in a number of different materials and color combinations. There are models for work and leisure, models that can be worn inside and out. There are styles for women, men and children. The Arizona unites fashion trends and generations. The classic sandal is at once both a fashion statement and a fashion anti-trend – depending on the look the person wearing it is going for. For some it's a provocation and a calculated style rule breaker, for others it's an expression of a certain lifestyle or a sign that they're part of a certain (professional) group. Or maybe it's "just" a sandal like no other.

For all its versatility, the two-strap sandal is among the most comfortable shoes on the market. As with all BIRKENSTOCK sandals, the heart of the Arizona is the unique, anatomically formed footbed with the flexible cork and latex core – made from high-quality natural materials (natural cork, natural latex, jute and suede).

Those who don't want to give up the familiar comfort of these sandals when they go to the health and wellness spa or the beach can also find their favorite pair in ultralight, highly flexible EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) in a broad array of trendy colors.

The Arizona is also available with a soft footbed for those who prefer a more comfortable shoe. Those looking for even more comfort can choose one of the numerous models with a half or full exquisite footbed. The half exquisite footbed uses high-quality nappa leather in place of velvety soft suede as the top layer. With the full exquisite footbed, the edges of the footbed are also lined with supple nappa leather by hand in a painstaking process.

The Arizona is equally popular with women and men. It is available in sizes 35-50. Children's models are available in sizes 26 and up. As with all BIRKENSTOCK sandals, the two-strap model is available in two widths (normal and narrow) to ensure a good fit.