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Light sandals with thong strap for men

On the beach, terrace or in the garden – during the warm season, open shoes are often a more comfortable alternative to trainers. BIRKENSTOCK thong sandals for men are not only comfortable but are also available in various styles and materials.

On the beach, terrace or in the garden – during the warm season, open shoes are often a more comfortable alternative to trainers. BIRKENSTOCK thong sandals for men are not only comfortable but are also available in various styles and materials.

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BIRKENSTOCK thong sandals for men: the comfortable alternative in summer

Whether you are on the beach, in the beer garden or on the terrace at home: open shoes are a comfy and airy alternative to a sports shoe in the warm summer months. BIRKENSTOCK thong sandals for men are not just comfortable and ergonomically shaped – they are also perfect for creating casual looks thanks to the wide range of styles and types of material.

This makes BIRKENSTOCK thong sandals a first-class choice for men

"A shoe isn’t just a shoe and any old sandal isn’t the same as a good thong sandal. As is so often the case, it comes down to the right combination of materials, fit and workmanship – and this is also true for the BIRKENSTOCK thong sandals. 

A characteristic feature of this type of sandal is the post between the toes: This and two straps that flow towards the outside edge keep the sandals on your feet. This ensures that you don’t slip or lose the sandals while walking. BIRKENSTOCK uses leather or Birko-Flor – a high-quality synthetic material developed by BIRKENSTOCK and designed to look like leather – as the materials for its thong sandals for men and women. The ergonomically shaped footbed ensures maximum comfort when walking. These popular summer shoes are available in a wide range of different colours, so you can choose the model that suits your own personal style. "

An overview of our range of thong sandals for men

At BIRKENSTOCK, fashion-conscious men can find thong sandals in lots of different styles, lots of different colours and made with a wide range of different materials. We have colours ranging from sleek white to modern grey, brown and beige tones. Of course, the product range also includes classic black sandals as well as multi-coloured models. All of our men’s thong sandals have two things in common – the tried-and-tested sole and the unique footbed that protects the wearer’s feet.

Top model for men: BIRKENSTOCK Gizeh

When it comes to men’s thong sandals, the Gizeh is an absolute classic. Whether as a classic leather thong sandal, a waterproof beach sandal or with an extra-comfortable BIRKENSTOCK soft footbed, millions of men around the world choose the Gizeh for its excellent quality. The popularity of the BIRKENSTOCK Gizeh for men is largely due to its stability, good fit, durable design and the breathable coating on the outer surface made of microfibre.

Mayari: another classic thong sandal

The Mayari is an incredibly stylish thong sandal and is available in different versions. The elegant toe loop catches the eye and makes the sandal stand out from other casual shoes. Skin-friendly Birko-Flor is used for the upper. To ensure that you are able to enjoy your Mayari for as long as possible, BIRKENSTOCK uses hand-picked raw materials for its men’s thong sandals and guarantees excellent workmanship.

High-quality materials such as leather for durable thong sandals

"BIRKENSTOCK prides itself on carefully selecting high-quality materials to produce all of its shoes. Not only should the materials be of the highest quality, they should also be in alignment with BIRKENSTOCK’s values. Lots of the men’s thong sandals are made from leather – natural leather and genuine leather. However, most models are also available with oiled nubuck leather or Birko-Flor, the synthetic material developed by BIRKENSTOCK. Birko-Flor is a synthetic material that looks astonishingly similar to genuine leather. It is easy to clean and incredibly skin-friendly. Therefore, Birko-Flor provides an excellent alternative for anyone looking for men’s thong sandals that contain no leather. 

The ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) used for the sole is flexible and provides optimal cushioning for every step. The characteristic design of the sole, which replicates the shape of a footprint, also supports the bone profile. The EVA sole is also wonderfully lightweight and promotes the natural rolling motion of the foot. The buckles for the men’s thong sandals are made of high-quality, durable and nickel-free metals. The leather strap is fixed in place with a classic pin buckle. "

Here’s why the BIRKENSTOCK footbed makes our men’s thong sandals so comfy

"An ideal fit is key to ensuring comfort when walking. That’s why BIRKENSTOCK only uses the best materials in its footbed, such as natural cork and jute. The footbed is made up of several different elements: 

  • The footbed edge: the footbed is slightly raised at the toe part of the thong sandal to protect the toes during the rolling motion. 
  • The toe grips: the toe grips sit behind the footbed edge. They loosely hold the toes in their natural position. 
  • The suede lining: the BIRKENSTOCK thong sandals for men feature a skin-friendly, flexible lining. This lining moulds to the contours of the foot. The open-pored surface allows the foot to breathe with each step. 
  • Transverse arch support: the transverse arch support runs through the middle of the footbed and along its edges. This keeps the foot in its natural shape and provides additional stability. 
  • The heel cup: take a quick look at your foot – you will notice that the heel is one of the lowest points. The heel cup towards the back end of the sandal supports this natural shape. This supports the natural fit of our men’s thong sandals. 

The cork and latex footbed: this is the heart of all BIRKENSTOCK thong sandals. The four layers of the footbed are stacked on top of one another and perfectly coordinated to keep men’s feet comfortable while on the move. They cushion the foot, relieve strain placed on it and insulate it against heat and cold. "

For an individual style: here’s how men style their thong sandals

Thong sandals aren’t just on trend, they also go brilliantly with lots of different outfits. Since thong sandals are more of a simple and understated shoe, combining them with normal day-to-day clothes is a safe choice. Lots of men like to pair leather thong sandals with timeless chinos and a cool summer shirt or T-shirt. Of course, men’s thong sandals also look great with shorts. They can be worn as beach sandals with a casual outfit, or with swimming trunks. Classic men’s thong sandals like the BIRKENSTOCK Gizeh are also a great choice for an evening BBQ with friends or just relaxing at home.