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Vegan sandals for kids

Discover BIRKENSTOCK kids’ sandals without animal leather

Our collection of vegan shoes for kids boasts many popular BIRKENSTOCK models for kids without leather. We produce our vegan sandals for kids without using any raw materials of animal origin.

Our collection of vegan shoes for kids boasts many popular BIRKENSTOCK models for kids without leather. We produce our vegan sandals for kids without using any raw materials of animal origin.

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 Vegan kids’ shoes: summer fun with a good conscience


Summer season is sandal season! And many of our popular classics from the kids’ collection are even available as vegan versions. If you’re looking for sustainable sandals for kids which are comfortable, robust and completely free from animal products, we’ve got a wide selection of vegan kids’ sandals for you to choose from.

Thong sandal, ankle-strap sandal or two-strap sandal: with our vegan sandals for kids you can enjoy summer with a good conscience! Are you wondering what’s so special about our vegan sandals? They are produced without leather and other products of animal origin. Our vegan collection features many popular classics for kids which are exclusively made from plant-based and synthetic materials. It goes without saying that these models also feature the signature BIRKENSTOCK design and comfort.


Vegan kids’ shoes by BIRKENSTOCK: signature comfort without animal products

More and more people choose a vegan lifestyle. With this trend, the importance of clothing produced without any products of animal origin has grown steadily. Especially in the traditional shoe industry, leather is one of the most important raw materials. So we looked for functional and robust materials for our vegan collections for men, women and kids which could replace leather and other products of animal origin – and we found them!

We can now offer our popular sandal models ARIZONA, GIZEH, MILANO and RIO as vegan kids’ sandals. These models are completely free from materials of animal origin – but of course they still feature the signature BIRKENSTOCK comfort and a fashionable design.

Vegan sandals for kids: more than just a trend

When choosing a vegan lifestyle, animal welfare, sustainability and the protection of our climate and the environment are the most important motives. The idea of choosing vegan food and generally of refraining from using any animal products has its origin in the 1940s. Founded by animal lovers, a society for vegans was created, which saw itself as a charity and educated about the benefits of life without any animal products.

Today, the call for vegan alternatives is becoming louder and louder, not only when it comes to food, but also in other areas of life, for example furniture and interior design, clothing and, of course, footwear. Our vegan sandals for kids are therefore completely free from animal products, such as leather or wool felt. During production, we furthermore do not use any adhesives or dyes which are of animal origin.

Innovative materials for comfortable and robust sandals

Our vegan kids’ shoes boast the same quality and the same comfort for which BIRKENSTOCK has long since become famous. Thus, our vegan sandals for kids boast excellent craftsmanship and maximum comfort thanks to the orthopaedic footbed. This way, our skills and expertise accumulated over generations are combined with the demands of a modern vegan lifestyle – the result are shoes which are perfect for the busy everyday life of kids.

For our vegan shoes for kids we exclusively use plant-based and synthetic materials instead of leather, for example cork, microfibre and our patented Birko-Flor® which can almost be mistaken for genuine leather. Our water-resistant beach sandals for kids which are made from skin-friendly and robust ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) are also a perfect vegan alternative to classic leather sandals. They are water-ready and extremely lightweight which makes them perfect travel companions.

Vegan shoes for kids by BIRKENSTOCK: signature quality meets a modern lifestyle

Classic two-strap sandals, stylish thong sandals or comfy ankle-strap sandals which offer perfect support for children: with our vegan range of kids’ shoes we now offer the popular classics ARIZONA, GIZEH, RIO and MILANO as vegan versions without leather and any other products of animal origin. The sandals are available in many different colours and designs – there’s the perfect model for every taste.

All vegan kids’ sandals feature our anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed which is shock-absorbing and water-resistant. As footbed lining, we use soft microfibre for soft comfort and a healthy foot climate. Depending on the model, the upper of our vegan shoes for kids is either made from Birko-Flor®, which is very similar to leather, hard-wearing microfibre, textile or robust EVA. The various designs range from colourful to understated so that every little boy and girl can find their perfect model.


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