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Vegan sandals for women

Discover BIRKENSTOCK sandals without animal leather

Discover vegan BIRKENSTOCK sandals for women and enjoy exceptional comfort! Thong sandals, strappy sandals or clogs: our vegan sandals for women are exclusively manufactured with plant-based and synthetic materials.

Discover vegan BIRKENSTOCK sandals for women and enjoy exceptional comfort! Thong sandals, strappy sandals or clogs: our vegan sandals for women are exclusively manufactured with plant-based and synthetic materials.

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Vegan sandals for women: the sustainable side of fashion

Looking for sandals without leather or other animal products? We’ve got you covered! The BIRKENSTOCK product range contains a wide selection of vegan sandals for women: strappy sandals, thong sandals, clogs and slippers – all of them are exceptionally comfortable and free from animal-based products. The vegan models can be perfectly mixed and matched with floaty summer dresses and cool shorts.

With a good conscience: vegan sandals for women

More and more people are avoiding meat, fish, milk, cream, eggs and other animal products. Living a vegan lifestyle is a choice that affects all areas of day-to-day life. In addition to nutrition, this also includes furnishings, clothing and shoes. That’s why vegan summer shoes and slippers are an important part of the BIRKENSTOCK collection – and their numbers are growing.

Veganism isn’t a new idea: in 1944, animal lovers in the United Kingdom founded the Vegan Society. The Vegan Society saw itself as a charity that provided information about a vegan lifestyle. Today, the environment is an important focus of the movement.

That’s why vegan BIRKENSTOCK sandals for women are made without the use of any animal products, such as leather or wool felt. Generally, we also avoid the use of any adhesives and dyes of animal origin. That being said, our vegan sandals naturally also fulfill the high BIRKENSTOCK standards: the shoes are robust and feature the tried-and-tested orthopaedic footbed, which has been perfected by many generations of master shoemakers.

Materials for vegan BIRKENSTOCK sandals for women

Nowadays, there are lots of alternatives to leather and wool felt that look just as fashionable and chic. Birko-Flor® was developed by BIRKENSTOCK and looks astonishingly similar to genuine leather. This synthetic material is robust and easy to maintain. Thanks to the bottom layer made of soft, breathable fleece, Birko-Flor® feels wonderfully soft against the skin. The range of vegan sandals made from this material includes design classics like the Arizona and the Gizeh.

Vegan clogs inspired by the 1970s are also extremely popular: seventies clogs evoke feelings of endless summers, hippie parties and a free way of life. And they are once again being celebrated in fashion blogs and on the runways. BIRKENSTOCK provides a vegan version of clogs: just like all other vegan sandals for women, the clogs are made from either Birko-Flor® or polyurethane (PU). The latter version is also the perfect work shoe, as PU is dirt-resistant and water-repellent.

Vegans will also find their new favourite model among the BIRKENSTOCK beach sandals. The casual, comfortable mules, thong sandals and strappy sandals are made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) – a skin-friendly and robust synthetic material. Vegan sandals for women that you can slip into with wet feet are a perfect companion for around the pool, in the swimming baths or in the garden.

A treat for the soles of your feet

The anatomical footbeds make vegan BIRKENSTOCK sandals feel-good favourites. Fine and breathable microfibres which are also used for the upper ensure a perfect climate for the soles of your feet.

Of equally high quality is the cork, which is used to make the BIRKENSTOCK cork and latex footbed. It feels wonderfully soft, repels water and cushions impacts. As a result, this natural material is an important component in the highly comfortable design of our vegan sandals for women. It also works from an ecological perspective: cork is a renewable resource and is grown in many places in Europe.

Vegan sandals for women – from playful to classic

They are available in subtle natural colours and soft pastel shades and, depending on the collection, vegan BIRKENSTOCK sandals for women also come in bold stylish colours or with playful patterns. It goes without saying that classic black and white models are also available. Vegan sandals by BIRKENSTOCK can be mixed and matched with all kinds of outfits!

Production at BIRKENSTOCK: sustainable and fair

To protect resources and produce our products under fair conditions – these guiding principles have always been part of the BIRKENSTOCK philosophy. BIRKENSTOCK has developed the Code of Conduct for itself and its suppliers to ensure that these principles are put into practice. The Code of Conduct is a commitment to maintain environmental and social standards during the production of our products. That is why the vegan composition of the BIRKENSTOCK product range is tested by an independent testing laboratory.