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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
My size/width/favorite model is no longer available.
If a particular model or size is no longer available on our website, this means it is no longer in stock. Some BIRKENSTOCK models are only available for a limited period, whereas others are manufactured again for each collection.

Availability service
You can also use our availability service to be sent a reminder when an item is back in stock. Enter your e-mail address for the model you would like and we will let you know as soon as the item becomes available once again. You will find this option on all the product pages.

Unfortunately, our Customer Service team has no access to stock and production information, and is therefore unable to provide you with any details about whether a product will become available again.

Why can’t I find my favourite style anymore?

I think I may have received a fake product.

I have seen a great pair of BIRKENSTOCK shoes on another website, but not on your website, where can I get them?

Where are your stores located?