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Payment methods

We offer various payment methods in the BIRKENSTOCK online shop:


PayPal allows you to pay easily and securely. You will be forwarded to PayPal during the ordering process. If you are already registered with PayPal, you can log in there and pay via your PayPal account. PayPal also offers the option for processing a payment as a guest without registering.

Credit card:

You can conveniently pay in the BIRKENSTOCK online shop by credit card. We currently accept American Express, Master Card and Visa Card. We credit refunds for returns to your credit card account.

An integrated SSL procedure ensures the security of the data transmitted during credit card payments.

If your credit card provider participates in the 3D Secure process (security process and authentication of your credit card), you may be asked to enter your PIN at the end of your order. If you have questions about registering for the 3D Secure process, please contact your credit card provider directly.

Due to an EU directive, we are obliged to carry out 2-factor authentication when processing credit card payments.

Payments need to be approved by 2 factors. These can be knowledge factors (e.g. password or pin), possession factors (e.g. mobile phone) or biometric factors (e.g. fingerprint).

For customers that do not have a smartphone, there are alternative identification processes, e.g. using a TAN generator or sending the PIN via SMS.

The services offered depend on the relevant credit institutions.

On account / Invoice:

We also offer payment on account, subject to a positive address and credit assessment. We will include the invoice directly in your package. After you receive the invoice, transfer the invoice amount to the following account:

Bank institute: Commerzbank AG
Account holder: Birkenstock digital GmbH
IBAN: DE84 3804 0007 0273 7278 00

We reserve the right to refuse order on account. If your request is denied, we would be happy to offer you cash on delivery as the payment method. This will enable us to continue processing and delivering the order.


iDEAL is a payment method that may be offered by your bank. You will be redirected during the ordering process directly to the [URL] website were you can directly perform the payment to us. Please have your TAN ready for this type of payment..

Apple Pay:

Apple Pay is a faster and more convenient way to pay using Apple devices. To use Apple Pay, you must have a bank card from a bank that cooperates with Apple. You can pay using Apple Pay directly from the shopping cart.