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1774 Collection 2.2
BIRKENSTOCK 1774 is capable of creating new stories in style. From the essential to the evolving, BIRKENSTOCK 1774 presents its newest editions, with ever-present signature motifs and style.

Nothing compares to the remarkable versatility of classic BIRKENSTOCK 1774 styles. Offering a new perspective on crafted classics, BIRKENSTOCK 1774 takes us to the core of BIRKENSTOCK’s functional ideals.

Innate in every BIRKENSTOCK product is our hard-earned promise of total quality. A serious spirit of individualism sits along smart fabrications to create the indelible effect of BIRKENSTOCK 1774—a boundary-pushing line that devotes itself to craft.

The BIRKENSTOCK 1774 collection was captured in Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles, through the verve of iconic photographers Stella Berkofsky, Max Farago, and Takashi Homma—together, they embrace what is extraordinary and poetic about these cities, and how this collection features naturally within them.

Join us for the next journey of BIRKENSTOCK 1774–your reimagined wardrobe awaits.