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Women's two strap sandals

Versatile, comfortable and a staple in every woman's wardrobe: The timeless 2 strap BIRKENSTOCKs are a must-have item for fashion-lovers and health-conscious women.

Timeless design meets ultimate comfort: Two strap sandals from BIRKENSTOCK

Calling all women who love dressing in style but aren't willing to make any compromises when it comes to comfort and the wellbeing of their feet: The 2 strap BIRKENSTOCKS add the casual sophistication to your everyday look that you are looking for, while actively promoting your foot health. Meanwhile, the signature BIRKENSTOCK footbed that celebrates the natural shape of your foot makes sure that you are always comfortable standing or walking for hours at a time. Popular women's two strap sandals like Arizona do not only make you feel like you are standing in sand, they also elevate your outfit, no matter if you are wearing a summer dress, leggings or your favorite pair of stone-washed jeans.

High-quality that you can feel – Two strap sandals for women

No other BIRKENSTOCK shoes have been imitated as often as the BIRKENSTOCK women's two strap sandals. However, 240 years of experience, tradition and shoe craftsmanship are impossible to duplicate. Unlike other shoe manufacturers, BIRKENSTOCK produces all of its products in Germany and selected workshops in Portugal. Just like BIRKENSTOCK sandals for men and kids, the 2 strap women's sandals are diligently manufactured with only the best materials that are extremely durable and have been tested for harmless substances. In line with BIRKENSTOCK's core values, all raw materials like cork, natural latex or wool felt, are sustainable and sourced ethically. Thus, sandal by sandal and step by step, BIRKENSTOCK is trying to create a better world for everyone.

BIRKENSTOCK two strap sandals: Discover the magical footbed

No matter if you prefer wearing black two strap BIRKENSTOCKs or 2 strap sandals in white – all models come with the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed that is loved by millions of wearers around the world. And once you step into your new pair of BIRKENSTOCK two strap sandals, you will realize what all the fuss is about: Each contour in the flexible and shock absorbent cork-latex footbed serves a specific purpose and encourages proper foot wellbeing and health. That is why BIRKENSTOCK shoes are not only suitable for health-conscious women and men, but also for young girls and boys whose feet are still developing and need adequate support.

Did you know that BIRKENSTOCK is not only the inventor of the legendary footbed but also coined the term over a hundred years ago? And this is what makes the footbed so special: A deep heel cup cradles your heel and ensures that your natural cushioning is right under your heel bone. The sides of the footbed feature exceptional longitudinal arch support, so you get instant stability with every step. A raised toe bar at the base of your toes does not only stimulate circulation but also exercises your legs without you even noticing. To create the softest grip, all cork footbeds are lined with suede.

The versatile style of two strap sandals for women

If you love minimalism and how it translates into a clean, sleek wardrobe, the black 2 strap BIRKENSTOCKs are just for you. The timeless design of models like Yao and Arizona can be combined with any of your favorite outfits and create understated elegance in seconds. Jumpsuits made from flowing fabrics like silk or linen go perfectly with all BIRKENSTOCK 2 strap sandals and emphasize your effortless style and attitude. For bolder fashion statements, sandals in colors like washed metallic pink, sirocco silver or shiny snake might be the right choice for you. Moreover, most models are available in a variety of different upper materials like oiled leather, suede or even Birkibuc if you prefer breathable leather-alternatives that are durable and easy to care for. Depending on your mood and personal style, there is the perfect pair of 2 strap BIRKENSTOCKs waiting for you.

Adjustable for ultimate comfort – BIRKENSTOCK two strap sandals

All BIRKENSTOCK sandals with two straps are not only available in two different widths, regular and narrow, but also feature individually adjustable straps that help you create the perfect fit with just a few hand movements. So when the temperatures drop and you decide to wear fashionable chunky knit socks with your favorite pair of two strap BIRKENSTOCKs, you can simply widen the straps by using the sturdy metal pin buckle that features the famous BIRKENSTOCK logo. In case you need additional support while running your errands, you can wear your favorite BIRKENSTOCK sandals with a functional ankle strap that gently wraps around your heel, keeping your sandal in place when things get hectic.

Are you looking for the perfect pair of BIRKENSTOCK sandals with 2 straps? Check out the BIRKENSTOCK online store and find a wide array of high-quality, durable and extremely fashionable sandals that will elevate every outfit that you own.