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Men's sandals

The perfect pair of men's sandals: Classic models and stunning seasonal styles, all with the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed to give you all-day comfort.

Casual sophistication: BIRKENSTOCK men's sandals

No matter if you prefer men's closed toe sandals, breezy men'sstrap sandals strap sandals or men's thong sandals – BIRKENSTOCK offers a wide array of high-quality men's sandals that will make it difficult for you to settle on only one pair. While every model comes with its own attractive shade and design twist, all BIRKENSTOCK men's leather sandals feature the signature BIRKENSTOCK footbed that allows you to experience day-long comfort in all of life's situations. Its anatomically shape cups your heel gently, while giving you sufficient arch support and a roomy toe box.

A clean and minimal look and soft muted colors make all models the ultimate men's designer sandal that elevates your favorite outfits when temperatures rise. Are you planning your next vacation and need the perfect pair of men's reef sandals? The much loved model Gizeh is a staple in both women's and men's wardrobes all around the world and offers much more stability and support than a traditional men's reef sandal. Once it gets chillier again, the BIRKENSTOCK men's leather closed toe sandals offer additional protection and keep your toes warm and cozy while your feet stay feeling fresh thanks to the open heel.

Quality made in Germany: Men's slip on sandals by BIRKENSTOCK

Since 1774, BIRKENSTOCK has been focusing on creating aesthetically appealing, healthy footwear that is designed to last. Just like all other BIRKENSTOCK products, the men's slide sandals and clogs are made in Germany under the best conditions. The construction of the perfect pair of men's sandals involves an extensive amount of handwork: Some models undergo up to 17 steps before they are ready to leave the production facilities. What is more, the men's closed toe models require more than 100 highly skilled hand movements before they can be shipped out into the world.

In line with BIRKENSTOCK's values and traditions, every pair of men's sandals that is sold online and in stores needs to meet the highest quality standards. Raw materials like cork, natural latex and wool felt come from sustainable natural resources and are sourced, where possible, in Europe. The premium cork that is used for the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed in women's, men' and kids' sandals comes from the bark of cork oak trees in Spain and Portugal. The cork is gently peeled by hand, leaving the trees completely unharmed. After a growth period of only seven years, the harvesting process can be repeated.

BIRKENSTOCK men's sandals: Comfortable and stylish at all times

Nowadays, men enjoy the look and feel of high-quality shoes just as much as women do. Big fashion labels feature their male models not only in men's sport sandals, but also men's gladiator sandals and sophisticated men's dress sandals. Being ahead of the times, BIRKENSTOCK has always held the view that exceptional comfort and style are not mutually exclusive when it comes to men's sandals. According to the principle “form follows function”, the most iconic men's leather slide sandal, the BIRKENSTOCK two-strap sandal, was born many years ago and has made it into countless fashion magazines and onto runways all around the world. No matter if you want to make a fashion statement with monochromatic men's black sandals or men's white sandals, or if you are looking for a robust and practical companion that will promote your foot health and well-being – BIRKENSTOCK provides the best sandals for men of all ages.

Men's sandals for all feet

One of the most common causes for foot pain is ill-fitting shoes. That is why BIRKENSTOCK offers two different widths for a majority of the open toe and closed toe men's sandals. Whether you are looking for men's wide sandals or a much narrower fit – the original contoured footbed is designed to securely hold your foot in place during all movements. The flexibility and elasticity of the footbed is due to a unique mix of cork and natural latex. A sealant that is applied at the end ensures that the material is protected and ready for extensive wear. Moreover, the flexible lightweight EVA sole is extremely shock absorbent and adds additional cushioning to your step.

BIRKENSTOCK men's sandals: The adjustable strap

In order to give you an even better fit, almost all men's sandals from BIRKENSTOCK have adjustable straps, so every shoe wraps around your foot like a second skin. Most men's velcro sandals lose their grip over time and do not have the sophisticated look that you need to elevate an everyday outfit. That is why all adjustable straps of the BIRKENSTOCK men's leather sandals are held in place by an elegant metal pin buckle that is engraved with the signature BIRKENSTOCK logo. Only the best copper and brass is used to create the sturdy buckles that are not only functional, but also serve as a fashionable accent on every sandal.

Are you looking for a great pair of men's hiking sandals? BIRKENSTOCK's popular backstrap models like Kano, Kairo and Milano might be just the shoes you need. While their flexible EVA sole allows you to walk comfortably on uneven ground, their additional backstrap wraps securely around your ankle, so you never run risk of losing your sandal when the road gets steep and rocky.