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Cork oak extract is at the heart of BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE. As with the original BIRKENSTOCK -shoe- footbed, it is the principal raw material of the product range.

For over 240 years, cork has been an indispensable material in the original BIRKENSTOCK insole. However, its beauty benefits were only discovered recently by scientists in the cosmetics industry: This natural extract, obtained from the outer layers of cork oak, possesses highly effective anti-aging properties.

  • - protects against environmental influences
  • - stimulates long-term collagen production
  • - reduces skin redness
  • - moisturizes intensively
  • - visibly smooths and nurtures skin

* These results have been proven in a scientific study

The formula developed on the basis of BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE's research results contains carefully selected natural ingredients such as arctic moss, aloe vera, argan oil, avocado, baobab, calendula, cranberry, ginkgo, green coffee, moringa, ginger, jojoba, macadamia, mint, elderberry, grape and botanical hyaluron, alongside cork oak extract containing suberin.
Studies suggest that cork oak has existed for around 60 million years. Natural and planted stock of the evergreen broad-leaved trees grow in the western Mediterranean – primarily in Portugal. The first harvest takes place when the tree is around 25 years old. For use in cosmetics, the first harvest is made only from the age of around 43 years, as older cork has a particularly rich nutritional value. From this point the trees can be harvested for around 150 years at intervals of nine years. This ensures that it is of the highest quality as well as supporting sustainable cultivation.
Mediterranean cork oak forests are not only of immeasurable value for humans due to their renewable natural resources; they also represent a special ecosystem that offers a preferred habitat for many species of animals. What's more, they also act as an essential lung for the earth. The forests have a huge capacity to take in CO2 and help in the fight against global warming. For BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE the responsible cultivation and sustainable protection of cork oak forests is a top priority.