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Strappy sandals for men

Leather sandals with an ankle strap for men – comfort and stability thanks to the BIRKENSTOCK footbed

The most comfortable footwear for men. Robust quality and timeless design. From sandals to outdoor boots. No sweating, no slipping, no rubbing or pinching. Thanks to the ankle straps, BIRKENSTOCK sandals ensure a secure grip on any terrain.

The most comfortable footwear for men. Robust quality and timeless design. From sandals to outdoor boots. No sweating, no slipping, no rubbing or pinching. Thanks to the ankle straps, BIRKENSTOCK sandals ensure a secure grip on any terrain.

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Strappy sandals for men.

In summer, men’s feet like to be out in the fresh air. With their timeless and robust design, the BIRKENSTOCK men’s strappy sandals are the perfect footwear to do just this: These sandals with an ankle strap are a reliable and stylish companion for long days out, hikes or even work.

Why BIRKENSTOCK men’s strappy sandals are the ultimate men’s shoe.

The BIRKENSTOCK strappy sandals are the perfect model for men who like to feel the wind against their feet and also value comfort. These classic sandals are known for their comfy, anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed provides optimum support and cushioning for your feet. The outsole made of flexible EVA plastic ensures exceptional comfort while walking. The classic two-strap sandals by BIRKENSTOCK have also been updated with an ankle strap. The straps can be adjusted to fit your foot using the adjustable buckle, which prevents your feet from slipping out of the sandal. This is a perfect example of traditional design, adapted to suit modern requirements.

No more sweating – from sandals to outdoor shoes.

Classic trainers have long been the first choice for summer excursions – but it’s time for a rethink. Thanks to their ankle strap, BIRKENSTOCK sandals ensure that the wearer can walk confidently on any surface. These durable, classic sandals have become a solid outdoor shoe. No sweating, no slipping, no rubbing or pinching – the strappy men’s sandal is also a hiking sandal. Off-road sections during walks or cycling tours are no problem. This means that you can confidently walk across rocky, sandy or hilly terrain, with your feet held securely in your shoe and able to breathe.

Tackle your work day with strappy sandals for men.

Strappy sandals for men aren’t just great for free time, they are also an excellent option for work. BIRKENSTOCK strappy sandals can provide restorative support for your feet for long days in the office, for jobs in the hospital or doctor’s surgery that require you to be on your feet all day and for any job that requires comfortable shoes. The sandals evenly distribute the load during long periods on your feet so that you can enjoy maximum comfort – even during hectic days at work. Thanks to the breathable design, comfortable footbed and stabilising ankle strap, you’re sure to feel safe and steady at work.

Worn all over the world: BIRKENSTOCK strappy sandals.

BIRKENSTOCK men’s strappy sandals have a cult following! And it’s no longer just German fans. The cult sandals produced by the long-established company from Germany are worn by men all over the world. The classic strappy sandals have developed from a health product to a design icon, but BIRKENSTOCK hasn’t lost sight of the most important aspect: The health-promoting support and cushioning of the feet. With sophisticated, high-quality materials, BIRKENSTOCK has the right style for summer looks without fashion faux pas. Paired with materials like denim or linen, subtle colours and light T-shirts or shirts, BIRKENSTOCK strappy sandals in high-quality leather add a hip touch to a wide range of looks. These men’s sandals are available in a wide range of different versions:

The Milano model is based on the classic Arizona and impresses with its subtle, masculine design: This sandal is available in soft nubuck or natural leather in various brown tones, in black and white or with an embossed crocodile texture. This popular model is also available in durable Birko-Flor in even more of your favourite colours.

With its sporty look, the Kano model is especially well suited to activities that require lots of walking. The air-cushioned polyurethane sole provides maximum with each step and has a vitalising effect on the wearer.

The Kairo model is a particularly elegant version of the strappy sandal and has a toe post and an ankle strap. Today’s men understand how to dress fashionably while prioritising functionality. This sandal creates an authentic look when paired with business wear and accentuates modern styles.

Socks with strappy sandals – practical and trendy!

Fashion-conscious men can even wear BIRKENSTOCK strappy sandals on cold days, because: socks with sandals is in! Socks are an important topic, especially for men that are on the go a lot for their job or men that use hiking sandals for long walks and on site. When wearing open sandals, socks protect the foot against dirt and chafing. Cleverly combined socks in strappy sandals are also a fashion statement for men and add a stylish touch to any outfit. Order your selected sandals with the matching accessories online now!