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Sustainable in BIRKENSTOCKS: sandals made from imitation leather, plant-based and synthetic materials

Ankle strap or no ankle strap: discover our vegan sandal collection for men and find the most popular BIRKENSTOCK sandal models as vegan versions – comfort, style and sustainability guaranteed!

Ankle strap or no ankle strap: discover our vegan sandal collection for men and find the most popular BIRKENSTOCK sandal models as vegan versions – comfort, style and sustainability guaranteed!

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The vegan sandal collection for men

A vegan lifestyle has long since ceased to be uncommon. Plant-based burgers are just as tasty as burgers made with meat, manufacturers of care products rely more often than not on natural ingredients and vegan clothing is also really fashionable. With the vegan BIRKENSTOCK sandals for men you won’t have to compromise when it comes to your sandals: the materials used are completely free from animal products and at the same time fulfil BIRKENSTOCK’s strict quality standards.

Animal welfare meets classic BIRKENSTOCK designs

The vegan men’s sandals by BIRKENSTOCK are good for animals and good for the environment – but they are also good for your feet. Just like all BIRKENSTOCK models, the vegan men’s sandals stand out thanks to their incredibly comfortable design: the anatomically shaped BIRKENSTOCK footbed is designed to imitate a human footprint and will make you feel as if you’re walking on clouds through the summer. The robust soles comfortably cushion your feet with each step, the adjustable straps provide even more secure support and the high-quality materials ensure unbeatable comfort when walking. Bring on the warm temperatures!

This is what our vegan sandals for men are all about

Acting in a sustainable and eco-friendly way is a key component of our philosophy. That is why BIRKENSTOCK uses a high percentage of natural raw materials derived from natural sources and generally avoids the use of adhesives or dyes of animal origin. Furthermore, our vegan men’s sandals contain no other animal products, such as wool felt or leather.

Instead, we use high-quality materials such as ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), microfibre and cork for our vegan sandal collection for men. While EVA is impressively lightweight, flexible and skin-friendly, microfibre scores points thanks to its ability to maintain a comfortable climate for your feet. On the other hand, the natural product cork has an insulating effect and gives the sandals their famously comfortable feel thanks to its exceptional cushioning properties. There are no compromises when it comes to comfort and style – you can always rely on the proven BIRKENSTOCK comfort and the timeless look of our sandals.

Stylish, comfortable and vegan: men’s sandals without without having to compromise

The vegan men’s sandals by BIRKENSTOCK combine premium materials, high-quality workmanship and timeless, bold design. Whether you wear them as part of a loose and casual look on the beach, a comfortable look in the city or a robust and durable look for the garden – our vegan sandals for men are a statement piece for those who want to lead a vegan lifestyle and don’t want to make any compromises.

From a visual perspective, our vegan men’s sandals impress with their iconic BIRKENSTOCK style: with the unique combination of timeless designs, modern colours and exciting surface textures, BIRKENSTOCK sandals will keep you looking stylish and feel sure-footed throughout the summer.

The MAYARI thong sandal model, for example, stands out thanks to its casual and modern design featuring a colour-coordinated outsole: the flowing look with asymmetric straps give this model a particularly minimalist and elegant look. These strappy vegan sandals are a reliable and stylish companion, especially on hot days.

Wide leather straps, a soft sole made of flexible EVA and the characteristic buckle fastening: for decades, the BIRKENSTOCK ARIZONA, a genuine classic, has been delighting both men and women with its timeless and understated design. Time to add a vegan version of the classic men’s sandal to your shoe rack!

The right BIRKENSTOCK sandal for any occasion

Whether you need robust sandals for your next woodland walk, lightweight thong sandals for the beach or elegant mules for a stroll through the city: the vegan men’s sandals from BIRKENSTOCK are a stylish and practical choice for any situation. These high-quality shoes are always in harmony with the brilliant laid-back vibes of summer and look great with a wide range of different outfits.

For example, pairing these sandals with loose outdoor clothing creates a sporty, casual look. Or you can pair them with a polo shirt and jeans for a wonderfully laid-back and easy-going look. Paired with wide-cut chinos and a simple short sleeve shirt, these vegan men’s sandals perfectly round off a classic look that can also be worn around the office.

In short: your summer sandals are a great choice for almost any occasion. Why not add another pair to your wardrobe?

Vegan men’s sandals in proven BIRKENSTOCK quality

We dedicate our full passion and expertise to the production of our BIRKENSTOCK collections. The result of our vegan collection for men: men’s sandals with the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed that promise not only quality, durability and support, but also an aesthetic and cool look. That’s how you do summer in style!


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