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The BIRKENSTOCK footbed is based on the anatomy of the foot. It naturally distributes the weight of your body evenly over the entire sole of the foot. So your foot is supported during its natural rolling motion. For particularly sensitive feet, BIRKENSTOCK offers some models with an integrated soft footbed. In the soft footbed, a layer of foamed natural rubber has been added between the flexible cork and latex mixture wrapped in durable natural jute and the suede lining. This intermediate layer has extraordinarily high repositioning values. This helps create durable padding.

The soft footbed can also be recognized by its blue stamp color.

1 Suede lining:
The suede lining absorbs moisture. This natural property of the high-quality top layer helps ensure a comfortable foot climate.

2 Foam insert:
The soft footbed is padded with an anatomically shaped foam insert. This insert contains millions of tiny air bubbles that help provide an especially comfortable experience.

3 Second layer of jute:
The second layer of jute is placed around the sides of the footbed. This increases the flexibility of the footbed and makes a significant contribution to the durability of the soft footbed. This layer of thick, absorbent jute helps control moisture.

4 Cork and latex footbed:
The cork and latex core is made of a combination of fine natural cork and natural latex. The anatomically shaped, highly flexible and extremely light footbed absorbs the impact caused by the movement of the foot and supports its natural tissue.

5 First layer of jute:
The first layer of jute stabilizes the footbed.

6 Outsole:
The outsole is made of durable and elastic EVA. It is scuff-resistant and shock-absorbent.