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Frequently asked questions

Is it normal for my feet to hurt after wearing my new BIRKENSTOCK shoes, how long does it take to break in a new pair?
We recommend you should break in a new pair of BIRKENSTOCK shoes slowly. Start by wearing them around your house and increase the time you wear them gradually. It can take time for your foot to adjust to the contours of the footbed, and for the cork/latex to flex and mould. Ideally an hour or two at a time until you feel comfortable to increase to a longer period.

How do I know if I need a regular or a narrow width?

Do you offer any sizing information?

How do I care for the upper material of my BIRKENSTOCK shoes?

Do you also offer vegan shoes?

Where can I find information on the various footbed types?

Where can I find details of the various materials (e.g. Birko-Flor)?

The footbed of my Birkenstocks has gotten dirty. What can I do?