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Strappy sandals for women with the anatomically shaped BIRKENSTOCK footbed

Classic two-strap sandals are always a good choice. Elegant, striking or classic – our BIRKENSTOCK sandals offer support and comfort and are perfect for everyday life, leisure time and a day in the office.

Classic two-strap sandals are always a good choice. Elegant, striking or classic – our BIRKENSTOCK sandals offer support and comfort and are perfect for everyday life, leisure time and a day in the office.

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Fashionable two-strap sandals for trend-conscious women.

For the summer months, BIRKENSTOCK presents trendy two-strap sandals for the perfect balance between fashion and comfort. In summer, they perfectly round off light and airy looks, and in autumn they can be worn with socks if you want to make a bold fashion statement. Not only do the two-strap sandals guarantee maximum comfort for your feet, they also accentuate your personal style. The BIRKENSTOCK sandals tick all the boxes when it comes to style – thanks to the huge selection of different models. Elegant and timeless or vibrant and colourful – BIRKENSTOCK sandals are available in a wide range of different styles.

What are two-strap sandals and who invented them?

The history of sandals goes all the way back to ancient times, when open shoes were commonly worn. The name “sandal” is derived from the Latin word “sandalium” and the Greek word “sandalon”. The oldest known footwear is a sole that is fastened to the foot using a strap. The BIRKENSTOCK two-strap sandals for women are sure to impress with their light and airy design – making them a must-have for the summer months. However, these sandals can also be worn with jeans and a trench coat to liven up the autumn months. Generally, sandals do not have a heel. However, BIRKENSTOCK offers a range of sandals with a small heel for fashion-conscious women – perfect for creating delicate, feminine looks. These sandals from the Papillio range are sure to impress with their feminine pattern and enchanting platform soles.

How comfortable are BIRKENSTOCK two-strap sandals?

BIRKENSTOCK two-strap sandals for women provide maximum support and comfort thanks to the optimal positioning of the heel and toes. There should be a few millimetres of extra space at both the toes and the heel to prevent the toes from being squashed. This ensures that the two-strap sandals by BIRKENSTOCK fit perfectly during all kinds of activity. They are also available in two widths. The “normal” width is ideal for those with normal to wide feet. The “narrow” width is specially designed for slim and narrow feet. Thanks to the individually adjustable straps, the shoes can be perfectly adjusted to the feet of the wearer. Any women looking for more information about sizing and fits can find this in our comprehensive sizing and fitting guide.

Can I wear BIRKENSTOCK sandals with socks?

Of course you can! Wearing sandals with socks has become a modern fashion statement. Daring trendsetters effortlessly combine BIRKENSTOCK sandals and socks. The large selection of socks and different colours create limitless possibilities. Pairing the BIRKENSTOCK two-strap sandals for women with socks is a unique fashion statement. Combined with chinos, jeans or even a chic skirt – in these sandals, fashionistas can let loose. These modern shoes also impress thanks their high level of versatility. Stylish women can choose from a wide range of different models from our extensive, varied range. From modern, metallic tones to elegant leather versions, the two-strap sandals go with any style. Stylish BIRKENSTOCK sandals are the perfect addition to your office look, your leisure look and your outfit for evenings out at restaurants.

What should I pair the BIRKENSTOCK Arizona model with?

The> BIRKENSTOCK Arizona ticks all the boxes. The classic and stylish two-strap sandals for women are bound to impress with their incredibly comfortable fit and a design that perfectly accentuates any style and look. The two-strap sandals for women offer incredible support and reliability, and they also add the finishing touch to a wide range of fashionable looks. The BIRKENSTOCK Arizona sandals look just as great with jeans as they do with a summer dress. In a casual look with shorts or elegantly styled with a blouse and skirt – the possibilities are endless for fashion-conscious women. In vibrant colours or more subtle designs, women’s sandals are a versatile and fashionable addition to any wardrobe.

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