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Kitchen and Food Services

Kitchen shoes for the food service industry


Through unique properties such as an non-slip sole, BIRKENSTOCK work shoes not only allow you to overcome everyday challenges, they also improve your own well-being!

Through unique properties such as an non-slip sole, BIRKENSTOCK work shoes not only allow you to overcome everyday challenges, they also improve your own well-being!

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Kitchen shoes

Discover the perfect shoes for all hectic work environments that require sure-footedness on slippery floors. BIRKENSTOCK’s kitchen and food service shoes provide maximum safety and ultimate comfort all day long.

BIRKENSTOCK kitchen safety shoes

Are you looking for the perfect pair of chef clogs that will give you the daylong support that you need? The BIRKENSTOCK kitchen clogs combine maximum comfort with professional know-how. Everyone who is spending hours at a time on their feet in demanding work environments has to choose the right pair of shoes that promote their foot-health and overall wellbeing. BIRKENSTOCK’s kitchen work shoes and sandals for professions in the food service industry don’t only support the natural rolling motion of your foot, but are also exceptionally comfortable, so you can concentrate on your urgent tasks. The BIRKENSTOCK online shop offers men’s and women’s kitchen safety shoes as well as kitchen sandals that are nonslip and have the original contoured footbed that conforms to the natural shape of your foot. Daylong comfort guaranteed.

Who is in need of high-quality kitchen footwear?

Everyone who works in food service as a chef, line cook or waiting staff member should invest in a pair of the best kitchen shoes on the market. No matter if you work at restaurants, canteens, bars or in any kind of industrial kitchen – BIRKENSTOCK kitchen shoes are the perfect companions for all fast-paced work environments that have slippery floors. Thanks to their superior slip resistant rubber outsole, you’ll feel safe in any movement scenario. Moreover, the comfortable men’s and women’s kitchen shoes are true multi-talents and are not only ideal for the kitchen and food service industry, but also the hospitality sector. If you are an active and passionate gardener, you can also wear them outside while taking care of your precious shrubs and roses.

Do BIRKENSTOCK kitchen shoes have a special footbed?

The BIRKENSTOCK model Super-Birki is the perfect shoe for all occupations in the food service industry. The comfortable cork footbed can be completely removed and washed if necessary. You also have the option to insert a customised insole in your favourite pair of BIRKENSTOCK kitchen clogs. If you are experiencing back pain or other physical ailments that are connected to your back or posture, the removable sole is a true life saver.

Can you wash the kitchen shoes from BIRKENSTOCK?

Everyone who works in food service knows: Proper hygiene and cleanliness are of utmost importance when handling food on a day-to-day basis. BIRKENSTOCK clogs and sandals are the perfect kitchen shoes due to their oil- and grease-resistant uppers and soles. Moreover, the hard-wearing yet comfortable polyurethane is not only dirt-repellent, but also water-resistant. Both the insole and the clog are completely washable. While the PU footbed can be washed to 60°C, you can disinfect the entire clog in hot water up to 80°C. This is what makes the BIRKENSTOCK kitchen safety shoes indispensable for everyone who cares about a clean and healthy work environment.

A hit in the UK: Chef shoes from BIRKENSTOCK

For many years now, they’ve been the top choice for chefs and service staff in the UK: Kitchen shoes from BIRKENSTOCK. The hard-wearing and extremely comfortable BIRKENSTOCK model Super-Birki is available in a variety of materials, sizes and styles. The clog is made from one piece and has a low heel. Special features are the removable cork footbed and the nonslip outer sole, which turns them into the perfect shoes for the food and hospitality sector. If you are looking for nonslip kitchen shoes that have an athletic look, BIRKENSTOCK also offers low- and high-top kitchen slip on and lace-up sneakers made from resistant microfiber or smooth leather. That way, you can look sleek and stylish in your work outfit, while enjoying maximum comfort and sure-footedness in every situation.

If you prefer women’s or men’s kitchen clogs that offer an even better grip, the BIRKENSTOCK model A 630 is the way to go: The professional chef clogs have an enclosed design to keep your heels in place, no matter how quickly you need to get from A to B. Just like the other high-quality BIRKENSTOCK chef clogs, the model A 630 is completely washable and adheres to official safety standards for occupational footwear. With very little effort, the entire clog – the footbed included – can be disinfected. On top of that, the legendary anatomically shaped footbed from BIRKENSTOCK make each kitchen shoe the right choice if you want to protect your joints and tendons. The best part: If you require special insoles to correct postural problems, you can easily take out and replace the original insoles.

Are you looking for the perfect pair of kitchen shoes that will provide you with the perfect grip when things get hectic? BIRKENSTOCK chef clogs are not only ideal for any professional work environment but are also extremely comfortable and will last you for many years to come.