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New York, New York!

Our guest author and style expert, Dominik H. Müller, had a travel motto this summer: Think Big. He traveled to one of the world’s most exciting cities and now shares his impressions, favorite spots, and styling tips with us.

"I am really taken with this city and its vibe – there is so much to discover here."

Summer 2017 has been quite exciting. I flew to New York for a two-week stay – my first time in the USA! On arriving at Grand Central Station, in the heart of Manhattan, my first impression was, “Wow, so many people!” And my second impression? “BIRKENSTOCKs everywhere!” It has never struck me anywhere quite as much as in New York, almost everyone wears BIRKENSTOCKs there in the summer. I am really taken with this city and its vibe – there is so much to discover here.

“On arriving at Grand Central Station, in the heart of Manhattan, my first impression was, "Wow, so many people!"”

My Top Three in New York

  • Going up to the 86th story of the Empire State Building is a must. You can see the whole city from up there. The best time to go is around sunset on a sunny day, when the city is immersed in an orange hue.
  • Another highlight in Manhattan is SoHo, the city’s fashion district. It is lined with high-end stores like Prada, with the odd café and vintage store tucked in between.
  • In addition to the famous sights like Times Square, you should also take the time to explore the seemingly unspectacular neighborhoods. My apartment was in East Williamsburg, for example. This is said to be the neighborhood that everyone wants to live in right now, much like Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg in Berlin. Williamsburg boasts great restaurants, vintage stores, bars, and a few clubs. It’s also very popular with artists.

New York, New Look

A fashion capital like New York cries out for a cool style. For my visit to the Empire State Building, for example, I chose the Arizona EVA model in Scuba Coral paired with a denim jumpsuit, for a new twist on the 80s look. There has been a denim trend for the past few years and it never really goes entirely out of fashion. But this year, the full denim look is an absolute must.

You can step out in style with the Boston clog in white leather, whether you are popping to the supermarket or heading out for dinner in vintage overalls and a striped shirt. I was actually complimented on both looks by native New Yorkers.

About Dominik H. Müller

Born in 1993, he discovered a strong interest in photography at the age of 15. He later began studying at Design Akademie Berlin in 2014. Since then, many actors, singers, and models have found their way in front of his camera, and he is passionate about discovering architecture and landscapes with them.

“I want to do more in my blog than report on fashion and my work as a photographer. I also like to write about the celebrities I meet on my journey. These are people who have a story to tell – real individuals who do their own thing and take advantage of the opportunities they are given in life.”


Together with our style expert Dominik H. Müller we are offering styling tips for men of all ages.


In collaboration with our guest author and style expert Dominik H. Müller, professional photographer and lifestyle blogger, we present some first-hand styling tips and discuss the latest trends.