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BIRKENSTOCK boys’ thongs

Discover boys’ thongs in many different sizes and colours. Perfect for all fashion-conscious and active boys who want to be comfortable on the playground, at school or at home. Only with the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed.

Comfortable and stylish: Boys’ thongs from BIRKENSTOCK

For over 240 years, BIRKENSTOCK has been producing healthy footwear for the whole family. While all clogs and sandals for women, men and kids conform to the natural shape of the foot, they are also made with only the best materials that are skin-friendly and have stood the test of time. That is why the brand is popular amongst active children around the world who need long-lasting, stylish shoes that support them in any movement scenario. Just like all closed and open toe shoes, the BIRKENSTOCK boys’ thongs come with an integrated cork-latex footbed that is perfect for sensitive, growing feet that rarely stand still.

Gizeh: The classic boys’ thongs from BIRKENSTOCK

Thanks to its timeless and minimal design, the BIRKENSTOCK model Gizeh is worn by all genders and across all ages. The stylish all-rounder is the perfect companion for every boy, especially when temperatures rise and socks stay in the dresser. Sophisticated colours like navy, mocha and black make the sandals extremely versatile as they can be paired with any outfit. From shorts and striped tees to trousers and nice dress shirts – with no effort at all, the boys’ thongs can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. And thanks to the signature BIRKENSTOCK footbed, they are also ideal for any summer vacation that involves many hours of walking and sightseeing.

The popular boys’ thong sandals Gizeh Kids provide optimum grip and exceptional comfort even during the most boisterous play. The upper is made from Birko-Flor® or Birkibuc, innovative breathable synthetic materials that were specifically designed for durable footwear. Even though both materials have the high-quality look of real leather, they require no break-in and are very easy to clean with a simple wet cloth. On the inside, the straps are lined with the softest, skin-friendly fleece that nestles against the wearer’s skin. At the core of it all is the famous latex-cork footbed that is not only extremely shock absorbent and flexible, but also lined with suede providing a comfy step even on rocky and uneven ground. Another crucial feature of the BIRKENSTOCK boys’ thongs is the individually adjustable strap with the metal pin buckle which can be used to create the perfect fit in just a few seconds.

Boys’ thongs with the magical footbed from BIRKENSTOCK

BIRKENSTOCK did not only invent the first footbed, but also coined the term a long time ago. Since then, it has been a key feature in all women’s, men’s and kid’s shoes. Many loyal customers around the world swear by the unique fit and feel of the BIRKENSTOCK boys’ thongs. To create an even better fit, the model Gizeh comes in two different widths, regular and narrow. That way, every foot can benefit from the contoured footbed that cradles the heel and offers superior arch support. Moreover, an additional raised toe bar at the base of the toes encourages their natural gripping and rolling motion, thus enhancing circulation.

A unique cork-latex blend gives the footbed in the BIRKENSTOCK boys’ thongs ultimate flexibility, durability and shock absorbency. Both natural materials are ethically sourced and come from renewable resources. The cork used is obtained from the bark layer of cork oak trees in Portugal and Spain that are left completely unharmed by the harvesting process. Cork is not only heat- and sound-insulating but also water-repellent. In combination with natural latex it becomes a sturdy, yet flexible and soft footbed for active feet of all ages. In line with BIRKENSTOCK’s core values and tradition, all boys’ thongs are exclusively produced in Germany under the best conditions. All end products undergo the strictest safety and quality controls before they leave the production facilities and get shipped out into the world.

Are you looking for the perfect pair of boys’ thongs for sale? Check out BIRKENSTOCK’s online shop and find attractive models for boys and girls that want to walk and run around freely and comfortably while looking their best. The anatomically shaped footbed in all BIRKENSTOCK shoes holds children’s feet securely in place, while giving them enough room to grow. Hence, boys’ thongs are ideal for any extensive indoor and outdoor use and simply perfect for fun summer vacations.