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Ramses Sandal: Down to Earth

The Ramses thong sandal is among the few styles designed specifically with the BIRKENSTOCK man in mind. It stays true to the earthy design plus solid construction combination that’s been the foundation of the BIRKENSTOCK shoe. But the Ramses style has not stopped evolving. The complete collection shows the thong sandal with unexpected uppers, some that bring a bit of flair to the timeless design. You could say there’s a little something for every man.

Traditional style elements for men

As with our most sought-after styles, the Ramses thong sandal for men utilizes the time-tested ingredients needed to create a strong BIRKENSTOCK shoe.

  • Natural color ways- The Ramses sandal makes use of the natural colors that work so well with the BIRKENSTOCK shoe. Utilizing a mix of synthetics and natural leather fabrics, many Ramses styles benefit from the charming patina that develops with years of hard wear. There are, of course, exceptions and standouts in any cohesive collection, and here, it’s the Ramses Exquisite, a style that features a natural leather upper with croco-style embossing.

  • Wide strap- The side straps of the Ramses sandal are designed to be extra wide. These provide not only significant coverage for a man’s gait but creates a distinctly masculine look that’s appealing as an everyday choice.

  • Metal Buckles- The classic buckle, in various metal finishes that complement the uppers, is prominently placed on the wide strap. This creates an industrial vibe that works well on the BIRKENSTOCK Ramses.

The performance element for men

A dependable shoe has foundations in sound construction and performance. For the Ramses thong sandal, this is evident in the reliable BIRKENSTOCK footbed and highly functional elements of every detail.

  • The BIRKENSTOCK footbed- The original, renowned cork-latex footbed plays an integral role in the consistent performance of the Ramses thong sandal. The features that set it apart—contouring to ensure even weight distribution, optimal toe room and placement to encourage natural gripping motion and foot alignment down to the heel, among others —combined with the quality materials used—cork, jute, flexible EVA, soft suede lining—contribute to the overall comfort, health and wellness of feet.

  • Details- The metal buckles, whose finishes are stylized to match the uppers, function primarily to adjust to the wearer’s feet. This creates a customized fit around the foot that works together with the thong for a nice grip to last a long day’s wear for the man on the go.