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Clogs for men

Sophisticated and highly casual: Experience day-long comfort in BIRKENSTOCK clogs for men. Available in many different styles and sizes, so you will find the perfect fit.

A shoe with tradition: BIRKENSTOCK clogs for men

BIRKENSTOCK stands for premium-quality products that last. For more than 240 years, the shoe manufacturer has perfected its signature footbed that makes the iconic BIRKENSTOCK men's clogs a practical, comfortable and healthy shoe for all situations in life. Just like the much loved women's clogs, men's clogs are made with ethically sourced high-quality materials and are manufactured under the best conditions involving an extensive amount of handwork. Some models undergo as many as 17 steps which translates into 100 precise and highly-skilled hand movements. The result is a timeless, robust and flexible men's clog that facilitates the natural rolling motion of every foot. Moreover, the anatomically shaped footbed in combination with a nonslip PU sole turns some of the men's clogs models into the perfect companion for almost any work environment.

Men's clogs – A staple in every wardrobe

The BIRKENSTOCK men's clogs do not only offer exceptional support during all of your movements, they also add a casual sophistication to your everyday look. The premium suede leather used for the popular model Boston comes in subtle colors like mocha and taupe. Paired with a flannel, your favorite pair of stone-washed jeans and even some woolen knit socks, you are ready to go about your day, while exuding vitality and effortless style. Thanks to its closed-toe, the BIRKENSTOCK men's clog can easily be worn all year round. While durable upper materials protect the foot from cooler temperatures, the open heel provides extra ventilation during warm summer months, keeping your feet feeling fresh.

BIRKENSTOCK clogs for men are offered in a variety of colors and upper materials. Depending on your personal preference, you can enjoy the feel and look of suede leather, oiled leather, microfiber and even wool felt. Each material comes with its own unique strengths and has stood the test of time. Individuals who need a reliable work shoe naturally gravitate towards BIRKENSTOCK's Profi-Birki and Super-Birki that were designed for use in both occupational and private settings. The innovative polyurethane clogs for men are water-, oil-, and grease-resistant and can be easily disinfected, making them ideal for kitchens, medical environments and the food industry. What is more, wearers benefit from the anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed that can be removed and washed to 30°C.

Clogs for men: Meet the magical footbed

The heart of all BIRKENSTOCK men's clogs is the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed. Since 1774, the shoe manufacturer has been studying the anatomical shape of the human foot paying close attention to even the subtlest movements during standing, walking and running. The construction of the perfect footbed goes hand in hand with the high-quality materials used: Cork, a natural, renewable substance that is sourced from the bark of cork oak trees in Spain and Portugal, provides several benefits for the wearer: It is not only lightweight and resilient, but also extremely shock-absorbent. Latex, a natural polymer, is mixed with the cork to enhance the footbed's flexibility and elasticity. The detailed contours in the soft footbed of every men's clog make you feel like you are standing in sand, even after many hours of being on your feet. Leather clogs for men: Designed just for you

All BIRKENSTOCK leather clogs for men feature integrated straps with individually adjustable metal pin buckles. This means: Your favorite clog can be adapted to your feet, so your shoes are securely held in place while you are at work, running errands in the city or taking care of your backyard. Another feature that makes BIRKENSTOCK clogs for men so unique and comfortable is that they are available in two different widths. No matter if you have narrow, regular or wider feet – you will always find your perfect fit. If you are in need of additional stability and an extra grip, BIRKENSTOCK also offers clogs for men and women with adjustable backstraps that smoothly wrap around every heel even during surprise movements.

A timeless fashion statement

Just like all other BIRKENSTOCK products, the BIRKENSTOCK men's clogs actively promote the health and well-being of your feet. With its timeless designs that are used to make bold and subtle fashion statements around the world, the brand has proven that comfort and style are not mutually exclusive, but go hand in hand. No matter if you are looking for the perfect casual shoe for everyday use or a reliable work clog with nonslip soles and outstanding hygiene properties – the BIRKENSTOCK clogs for men have got you covered.

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