Light and waterproof: our EVA models

Summer feeling for your feet: our light and waterproof EVA models are perfect for hot days and visits to a nearby lake or swimming pool.

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Swim Shoes: Your Partner for Special Uses

You can get them wet, they're easy to slip on and off, and they are wonderfully lightweight – these things make Water Shoes a valuable accessory. In some situations, plastic sandals and clogs are clearly the better option as opposed to other kinds of shoes, sometimes even the only right choice.

Swim Shoes–Not Just for the Beach!

Water Shoes are automatically associated with a visit to the lake, beach, or pool. However, wellness fans neither want to, nor should walk across the floor with bare feet when visiting a sauna or spa. If you take a shower at the gym after working out, then you also value the hygiene provided by shower shoes. Working in the garden on damp ground or using a hose makes the washable, toe-covering clog an asset. And no one wants to be without Water Shoes when on summer vacation!

Which Water Shoes Are Available from BIRKENSTOCK?

The bathing sandals are available with one strap (Madrid), two straps (Arizona), thong (Gizeh), or with a heel strap (Rio). The plastic shoe is available as a clog (Boston), which features a closed front. In terms of color, you can choose between understated shades like black, white, and navy, classic red and white, masculine camouflage, and vibrant neon colors. Water Shoes for women, men, and children are available in sizes 24 to 46 depending on the model.

What Are the Benefits of Water Shoes Made from EVA Plastic?

The stretchy Swim Shoes from BIRKENSTOCK in ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) have what many are looking for: They are skin-friendly, odorless, tested for harmful substances, and also have three further characteristics that prove their quality. EVA is .

  • very lightweight: EVA plastic makes the BIRKENSTOCK bathing shoe a great accessory when on the go, whether you are traveling, playing sports, or visiting a pool.
  • robust: EVA stands up against wear that can occur at the sole which can result from working in the garden or taking walks along the beach.
  • shock-absorbent: The EVA sole has a cushioning effect. Walking on hard floors such as tiles or rocks is therefore more comfortable.

What Specific Extras Do the Swim Shoes from BIRKENSTOCK Have?

In addition to the benefits offered by the EVA plastic, BIRKENSTOCK Water Shoes have an anatomically formed footbed that molds to the natural shape of your foot and is therefore exceptionally comfort. The buckles made from stable plastic also allow the strap to be adjusted to fit your foot to size. Our footbed is available in the widths "regular" and "narrow," which also allows a better fit.