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Lace-Up Shoes

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Women’s Lace-Up Shoes: Fashioned to Fit

Laces are an integral part of women’s footwear, whether as a highly functional element or a fashion statement. The BIRKENSTOCK collection of women’s lace-up shoes effectively utilises the accessory in both ways to create a wide variety of designs.

Highlighting BIRKENSTOCK women’s lace-up shoes

Our lace-up shoes for women come in all shapes and sizes—a nice selection of silhouettes and vibes for every outfit and occasion.

  • Sneakers– Classic, and not-so-classic, sneakers take prime seating in the Birkenstock women’s lace-up shoe collection. The Arran Women style in clean white leather is the timeless tennis shoe, well-known and beloved, while the floral embroidered upper with black rubber soles and contrast stitching makes it appear to be an altogether different shoe. The Cincinnati Women in its suede/metallic combo is a shiny style that plays up any simple outfit, but in any of its earthy monotone colourways, the Cincinnati is about as minimalist as it gets. The Ames utilizes short laces and a chrome metal closure to achieve a cool futuristic look.
  • Boots– Whether in ankle rise (Estevan Women, Dundee) or high (Gilford High, Laramie), the selection of boots among women’s lace-up shoes is plentiful. The ever-dramatic Nuuk presents a cosy option in suede/shearling, and the knee-high Longford riding boot has an 18-hole lace-front section that allows a custom fit for the wearer.
  • Low shoes– Classic oxfords (Saunders) and boat shoes (Tennessee) are a few low shoe standouts in the BIRKENSTOCK women’s lace-up shoe collection. The Montana is a completely seamless low shoe of simple construction and high sophistication, whose unique laces and holes in the front of the shoe add to its charm.

Incomparable comfort

The BIRKENSTOCK shoe demands an extraordinary level of comfort. From the foundational footbed down to the outer sole, every part of the shoe is designed to ensure the most comfortable wear possible. Uppers are made of a combination of leather, textiles and suede for a wide collection of durable footwear. The renowned footbed is of unparalleled design and construction, time-tested to provide unbeatable comfort. The excess toe room at the tip of the shoe promotes better balance and correct foot alignment; the contoured footbed ensures even weight distribution and proper posture; the firm cork/latex base of the footbed provides maximum support for hard-working feet. Shock-absorbing soles are flexible, lightweight and durable for comfortable, long lasting wear.