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Slippery floors, a hectic work environment, and on your feet all day: BIRKENSTOCK combined its anatomical footbed with a nonslip outsole. Be comfortable and confident with every step you take.

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Kitchen Shoes: Fit for a Master Chef

The fast pace and high energy of the professional kitchen demand efficiency from its crew. And for that, they need high-performing shoes that support long hours and hard work. The BIRKENSTOCK collection of kitchen shoes is designed not only to keep up but to provide optimal comfort throughout the day.

What makes a good kitchen clog?

A good kitchen shoe keeps up with fast-moving feet for the entirety of a shift. Grip, support and overall comfort are paramount for safety and performance. The BIRKENSTOCK kitchen shoe collection utilizes key features to this end.

  • Polyurethane (PU) construction- This smooth, low-maintenance manmade material is flexible for maximum comfort and durable to hold up to the hardest of wear. Washable up to 80 degrees Celsius, polyurethane is extremely easy to care for.

  • Sole- The BIRKENSTOCK kitchen shoe collection features a certified PU sole with a tread that makes shoes slip-resistant when encountering water, oil or grease, ideal for busy chefs and their staff. The washable PU also meets the high standards of safety and hygiene integral to the kitchen environment .

  • Heel- Depending on the model, the kitchen clogs offer a flat or raised heel section, optimizing protection and all-around support.

  • Footbed- Our kitchen shoes have an anatomically-shaped footbed that delivers the same comfort as the classic BIRKENSTOCK cork versions. Removable and washable for proper disinfecting, the footbed, and shoes overall, are extremely easy to care for.

Spotlighting the BIRKENSTOCK kitchen shoe collection

For the chef and his staff, BIRKENSTOCK has created a collection of kitchen shoes that really performs. The A 640 clog with steel toe (200 joules) provides heavy duty protection against the chaos of a professional kitchen. The Profi Birki, A 630 and A 640 are offered with raised heels for supreme comfort; the Super Birki, available in a range of colors that pop, is made with a flat heel. All styles are washable up to 80 degrees Celsius, and depending on the models, the removable microfiber footbed inserts as well, at 30 degrees Celsius (cork latex of the Super Birki, A 630 and A640 models) or 60 degrees Celsius (polyurethane of the Profi Birki model).