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Boy’s Water Sandals: Lightweight and Hard-Wearing

For the ever active boy, an easy, light shoe is a must-have; ever moreso during the warmer months when waterside activities dominate the schedule. BIRKENSTOCK water sandals for boys satisfy the kids’ need to get it on and go, and your need to have it return in good shape for another day’s hard work.

What to look for when shopping for boys’ water sandals

Among the wide array of benefits of the BIRKENSTOCK water sandals for boys are a few highlights that make them a great choice.

  • Comfort wear- Our award-winning EVA Essentials collection, recognized for high-quality design, includes kid versions of the popular adult water sandals. Boys’ sandals model the originals in not only their classic look but also some signature BIRKENSTOCK features that have long promoted health and wellness—the anatomically shaped footbed with toe grip and bone-pattern profile of the outer sole. As ever, the contoured footbed features arch support, a deep heel cup and roomy toe box. EVA waterproof sandals are soft and elastic, and provide cushioning and shock absorption for an overall extremely comfortable wear.

  • Accessibility- The durability and comfort of the BIRKENSTOCK EVA Essentials range legitimize a premium price point. The high-performance factor of our boys’ water sandals allows for versatile wear, whether in and around the beach or riding bikes on the boardwalk. So the price-consciousness of the entire Essentials line is a real perk.

  • The look- There is no need to forego style when it comes to sandals for boys. Look for complementing metal buckle and thong button color choices—shiny silver metal that pops against neon sandals, versus more muted metal hardware paired with matted EVA hues. The sheer volume of standout colors within the Essentials collection allows for fun fashion options.

BIRKENSTOCK water styles for boys: Gizeh and Rio

The Gizeh and Rio styles are interpreted for little ones without compromising any of the features that make the adult originals so popular. The EVA T-trap Gizeh is created from a single piece of waterproof, low-maintenance material with a sturdy buckle that allows the strap to tighten and loosen. The Rio, also constructed from a single piece of EVA, features a front strap alongside a wraparound heel strap, both adjustable for a custom fit, the back reinforced with a button closure. These high-performing features are optimized for the BIRKENSTOCK boy looking for waterside adventures all season long.