Taking BIRKENSTOCK to new heights with styles ranging from wedge to platform to chunky. Available in an array of hues, textures and patterns. From luxe metallic to feminine floral designs, Papillio appeals to all.

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Women’s Wedges: Heels that Hold Up

Wedge styles portray femininity in a way that few silhouettes can. Whether owing to the curved heel or sheer height, the wedge design instantly elevates any look. In true BIRKENSTOCK fashion, our wedges do even better by providing the comfort and reliability to last the da.

All wedges are not created equal

Within the collection of BIRKENSTOCK wedges, there is a surprising variety of styles and details to complement any ensemble.

  • Wedges that wow- There really is no such thing as a typical BIRKENSTOCK wedge. Satin ankle straps (the Emmy), sleek buckles that are a signature of the BIRKENSTOCK style (the Dorothy), unique prints that draw inspiration colors, textures, and materials from all over the world—each BIRKENSTOCK wedge heel is set apart by a sparkling detail or two.

  • Hybrid wedges- The Dana clog wedge merges two familiar styles, the wedge heel and clog shoe. The result is an unexpected look that’s both traditional and outside-the-box; a design that feels at once feminine and gender-neutral. The Linda platform wedge, which sports a 25 mm platform beneath a 20 mm wedge, creates an eye-catching heel that plays with height and dimension. The matte/gloss contrast of the suede and patent leather uppers further adds to the distinct visual complexity of the Linda style.

How does the BIRKENSTOCK comfort footbed hold up as a wedge heel?

The comfort factor is never more important than in a heeled shoe. Thanks to the reliably comfortable BIRKENSTOCK footbed, our wedge heels don’t compromise a bit of wearability in its designs.

  • Footbed- Designed to provide the anatomically ideal support for hard-worn feet, the BIRKENSTOCK footbed features a deep heel cup that cushions the heel bone, and the softest suede or nappa leather lining for unbeatable comfort with each step.

  • Height- BIRKENSTOCK wedges rise to a medium height that delivers maximum comfort. At 40 mm high (approximately 1.7 in), our wedge heels provide all-day performance for the on-the-go woman.