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Girl’s Water-Friendly Sandals: Seasonal Favorites

Once the temperature soars and families head seaside, water sandals are a warm weather staple necessary for the feet of hard-playing girls. The BIRKENSTOCK collection of water sandals utilizes our award-winning, lightweight EVA to reproduce some of our most popular adult styles for littler ones. Great for the beach or by the pool—even at a mini-spa session—there is sure to be a cute, water-friendly sandal for every girl.

What to look for when shopping for girls’ water sandals

BIRKENSTOCK girls’ water sandals service some of the most discerning among our fan base. To ensure that we provide a comprehensive selection of beach sandals, we place a high premium on a few critical elements.

  • Durability & Practicality- EVA is an extremely lightweight and sturdy material used for our most water-friendly sandals. But it’s also surprisingly soft and elastic. This Essentials collection retains two signature features of the BIRKENSTOCK shoe with the anatomically shaped footbed with toe grip and bone-pattern profile of the outer sole. Combined, the girls’ EVA water sandals collection is a set of easy-to-wear all-year sandal.

  • Variety- A fashionista, even a young one, may not be satisfied with practicality alone when it comes to summertime sandals. The vibrant color and style options will likely do the trick. Neon yellows, pinks, and metallic will be the visual draw that distracts from the shoes’ inherent functionality and durability.

  • Accessibility- As an ultra-light, synthetic material, EVA makes the water-friendly collection for girls truly accessible to a wide group of consumers. Price points are among the lowest in the BIRKENSTOCK brand of footwear, making it feasible to stock up on colors and sizes for the upcoming summer and beyond.

BIRKENSTOCK water styles for girls

The most popular adult styles have been reconstructed as girls’ beach sandals—the Gizeh and Rio. As an EVA product in eye-candy colors, they appear young and unique as they echo the grown up styles.