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The BIRKENSTOCK Personality Campaign

… is about diversity and character featuring authentic individuals in their own BIRKENSTOCKs.

BIRKENSTOCK is a truly universal brand; worn all over the world, by all kinds of people regardless of age, gender or race. Worn Birkenstocks take on the life of their owner, representing the many years and thousands of steps in one’s life. They become a part of your story. They are your story.

British photographer Jack Davison travelled around the world with the aim of capturing these stories. He created authentic and truly intimate portraits of real protagonists and their real Birkenstocks in their real surroundings. The portraits showcase photographer Ryan McGinley shot at his agent’s house in New York, his second home, actress Luna Picoli-Truffaut in her mother’s house in Paris, Ballerina Romany Pajdak in a training room in London, free skier Tom Leitner in his house, somewhere in Bavaria and New York filmmaker Sean Frank. Further portraits feature Thomas Südhof, Nobel Prize Laureate of Physiology or Medicine in his Stanford University office and Louise Constein in her favorite Berlin park.

Ryan McGinley

photographer, wearing his black suede and BOSTON SHEARLING purchased in 2015. Photographed in New York, 2018.

Ryan McGinley in Birkenstocks

Romany Pajdak

First Artist of The Royal Ballet, London, wearing her black leather SYDNEY purchased in 2003. Photographed in London, 2018.

Romany Pajdak in Birkenstocks

Sean Frank

filmmaker, wearing his taupe suede BOSTON purchased in 2016. Photographed in New York, 2018.

Sean Frank in Birkenstocks

Louise Constein

teenager, wearing her black leather ARIZONA purchased in 2017. Photographed in Berlin, 2018.


Luna Picoli–Truffaut

actress, wearing her taupe suede ARIZONA purchased in 2013. Photographed in Paris, 2018.

Luna Picoli–Truffaut in Birkenstocks

Thomas Südhof

Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, is wearing his black leather MILANO, bought in 2018. Photographed: 2018 in Stanford.

Thomas Sudhof in Birkenstocks

Tom Leitner

freeskier, wearing his dark – brown nubuck ARIZONA purchased in 2015. Photographed in Traunstein, 2018.

Tom Leitner in Birkenstocks