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BIRKENSTOCK uses only high-quality natural and synthetic materials and blends in the production of its sandals, clogs and shoes. All materials are subject to strict quality controls.

Of all materials, leather has the best properties for making shoes. This sustainable material is breathable, absorbent and pleasantly soft, so it adapts well to the shape of your foot. Leather is also very easy to process. It is very pliable, meaning it can be stretched, shaped and stitched. Leather is very robust and protects your feet when you wear clogs and closed shoes.

BIRKENSTOCK uses very high-quality, thick and unsplit leather. This leather is dyed thoroughly. This maintains the open-pored surface structure of the material. Thanks to a gentle production process the leather retains its positive natural properties.

A good alternative to leather are very fine textile materials – such as high-quality wool felt made from wool, which keeps feet nice and warm yet dry. Wool felt is not woven – instead, this textile fabric is made from unsorted fibrous material. The advantages of this natural material: It's sturdy, durable, and moisture- and heat-resistant – and it looks good, too.

But synthetic materials have their advantages as well – such as being easy to care for. The synthetic fibers that BIRKENSTOCK uses are also made from the finest raw materials. But BIRKENSTOCK quality not only feels good – it also provides an element of safety. To ensure that they do, BIRKENSTOCK products are subjected to production checks and regular tests by independent institutes.

Natural leather can be recognized by its untreated surface. Every piece of leather is unique. The material largely remains the way nature created it. BIRKENSTOCK purposely does not treat surface grains and other natural characteristics. This allows the material to retain its distinctive natural look. BIRKENSTOCK uses natural leather with a thickness of 2.8 to 3.2 millimeters as upper material.

Patent leather comprises various types of leather, including paint- and plastic-coated leather as well as oiled leather. Patent leather has a uniform and very fine grain surface. It is very durable and can easily stand up to external conditions. So if you take good care of them you will enjoy your patent leather shoes for a long time.

Suede is a general term for a type of leather that has been buffed on the inside. Suede, which is also known colloquially as buckskin, has a rough, fibrous, soft and therefore flexible surface. It is open-pored, so it is especially breathable.

Nubuck leather is a top-grain leather. It has a softly buffed surface with no grains. This makes it pleasantly soft. As with velvet, brushing the surface of nubuck leather displaces the fibers and leaves a visible mark. Because of its fine fibers nubuck leather is very sensitive to moisture and color, and it therefore needs to be waterproofed.

Wool felt is among the oldest textiles in the world. It is a very high-quality natural fiber. Felt made from wool has many valuable properties: It is gentle on your skin, elastic, breathable, heat- and cold-insulating and provides a good foot climate.

Felt is a very thick material made from synthetic fibers. The felts used by BIRKENSTOCK are especially comfortable, breathable and soft to the touch. At the same time, they are very robust and highly durable.

Thanks to a special final treatment process, Birko felt nubuck has a surface that not only looks like nubuck leather, but also feels very similar to it as well.

Birko felt is made from a rayon blend and synthetic fibers. The extremely durable blended fabric is very breathable and gentle on the skin.

Birko-Flor® is a high-quality synthetic material. The upper layer is made of easy-to-care-for PVC, which has been lined on the inside with a soft, breathable layer of fleece. Birko-Flor® is very gentle on the skin, and it's soft and comfortable while also being very durable. The material can be dyed a number of different colors.

Buckles and soles


A BIRKENSTOCK product is instantly recognizable. Its distinctive and iconic design can be seen in the asymmetrical profile of the last, which is geared to the natural anatomical features of the foot, in the characteristic bone-pattern tread of the soles, and in the buckles and rivets embossed with the company's logo. These features also let you know that you are buying an original BIRKENSTOCK product.

To ensure a good fit the straps can be adjusted individually using the buckle. The straps are held in place with a buckle, much like a belt. The buckle, which is embossed with the company's logo, is made of nickel-free metal. Each buckle is protected against corrosion and has been enameled several times. So it is especially durable.

To improve the stability of the buckle it is fastened to the upper material with great care. Each buckle is quadruple bracketed to the upper material. The brackets are shaped like pretzels and bent inward to ensure that you don't feel them against your foot.

01 Buckle
02 Middle bar of the buckle
03 Pretzel-shaped bracket
04 3 mm thick upper material


BIRKENSTOCK uses a wide array of rivets in the production of its sandals, clogs and closed shoes. They serve as both a decoration and fastener for applications and to bind various materials. As with the buckles, the rivets also have the company logo on them. Decorative rivets are a real eye-catcher.


As a foundation is to a house, so is a sole to a shoe. The outer sole or outsole is the surface that comes into contact with the ground. So it's important for the sole to be slip- and scuff-resistant. The type of sole and the sole material are mainly based on how the shoe will be used. The quality of the cushioning, which is also an important characteristic of the sole, is mainly determined by the sole material, by the strength of the sole and by the sole construction. For example, interlayers can improve the cushioning. But comfort is mainly determined by the insole.
BIRKENSTOCK places particular emphasis on the high quality of the outsole. Depending on the model and how the shoe will be used, different types of soles are used.


They are a distinctive symbol of BIRKENSTOCK sandals and clogs: EVA soles with the characteristic bone-pattern tread. The soles are punched from EVA plates and attached to the underside of the footbed by hand with the help of a solvent-free adhesive that is activated by heating it. The soles have very good cushioning properties and are extremely flexible. So they support the natural rolling motion of the foot. They're also nice and light. Yet they're highly scuff-resistant and durable. As a result, they don't wear down more on one side than the other. This prevents posture problems.
The soles serve a fashion purpose. For example, you can create an exciting contrast between the sole and the upper material by choosing different colors (known as color blocking). EVA soles are available in more than 30 different colors – in addition to classic white, brown and black, they're also available in trendy colors and the latest fashion – camouflage. The standard EVA sole for adult models has a thickness of 10 mm. Children's shoes are 7 mm thick.


This classic BIRKENSTOCK EVA molded sole is made of especially soft and light EVA material. The separate midsole stitched to the shaft provides an especially high level of flexibility. Visually, the sole is kept very simple. The tread pattern, which is visible from the side, gives it an understated look.
Design elements of BIRKENSTOCK classics were used in developing the sole. For example, the tread of the sole has hints of the classic BIRKENSTOCK bone pattern in the forefoot area. The somewhat lower tread thickness ensures a good grip and gives the shoe a stylish look.


This particularly light and flexible sole is made from lightweight EVA. Despite its relatively light weight, EVA has very good abrasion resistance. The BIRKENSTOCK EVA lightweight sole features the brand's characteristic understated design. Lateral design lines have only been used very sparingly. The characteristic bone pattern has been partially incorporated into the tread. And the brand's characteristic tread pattern can also be found on the edge of the heel. A logo inlay made of high-quality rubber in BIRKENSTOCK blue has been incorporated into the heel area.


The retro sneaker sole was inspired by classic college sneakers. The real rubber sole provides a high level of flexibility and scuff resistance. The high-quality material is also very slip resistant. The lateral design has consciously been kept simple. The BIRKENSTOCK logo has been incorporated into the heel area. Another logo has been incorporated as an inlay in the tread – contrasted in BIRKENSTOCK blue. The tread has the same bone pattern as BIRKENSTOCK sandal soles. A seam runs along the top edge, which has been used to sew the sole together with the upper. Highly flexible construction – which is common in sneakers – provides a casual look.


The romantic dressy sole is particularly elegant. This flat women's shoe is made of high-quality real rubber. A flat block heel underscores the feminine shape and rounds out the simple overall look. The bone pattern familiar in classic BIRKENSTOCK sandals has been incorporated in the forefoot area of the tread. The logo inlay incorporated in the heel in BIRKENSTOCK blue creates a dramatic contrast in the sole.


A real highlight is the retro sneaker sole with a contrasting sawtooth tread. The asymmetrical tread design is not only a fashion accent – it also provides more flexibility. The sawtooth sole is made of high-quality real rubber. A logo inlay in original BIRKENSTOCK blue has been incorporated in the tread.
The simple design is the result of a restrained design language. The sole is sewn to the shaft along the edge. The unique seam in the edge of the sole is not only functional – contrast stitching also provides the flexibility to create dramatic bursts of color.


The work boot sole really lives up to its name: The sturdy tread is made of a special scuff-resistant material (thermoplastic rubber). This material is similar to rubber, but it's much lighter. The design consciously eschews excess lines. The tread has an intricate design – details such as an elaborate bone pattern tread and a logo inlay in original BIRKENSTOCK blue round out the balanced design language. A contrast leather frame adds more quality and gives the work boot a rustic-elegant look. The look is rounded out by contrast frame stitching.

Product features

Many BIRKENSTOCK products have special material properties or additional functions. We indicate this through the use of special labels.

The upper material is made of real leather. BIRKENSTOCK uses sturdy leather with a thickness of 2.8 to 3.2 mm for the upper material.
Vegan BIRKENSTOCK products are completely free of animal components.
This product has a breathable microfiber lining.
The inner lining and footbed liner are made of real lambskin. This makes them very soft and warm.
The upper material is made entirely from wool felt. Wool felt is a high-quality natural fiber. It is gentle on your skin, elastic, breathable, heat- and cold-insulating and provides a good foot climate.
The soft footbed has an integrated latex foam cushion. So it offers excellent comfort from day one.
The footbed liner and outer edge of the footbed of BIRKENSTOCK Exquisite models are wrapped in very soft and supple nappa leather.
This product has a removable footbed. It can be removed by hand and replaced.
This product has a 2.0 cm heel.
This product has a 4.0 cm heel.
This product has a 2.6-cm platform sole. The sole is made of light EVA, which offers very good cushioning.
This product is available in many sizes for adults and children.
BIRKENSTOCK anti-static clogs continuously discharge to floors that act as good conductors, reducing the electrostatic impulses that are released – to protect technical equipment.
BIRKENSTOCK ESD sandals and clogs can protect against dangerous electrostatic discharges.
The removable footbed is machine washable at 30° C; wash the footbed separately from the clog.
The removable footbed is machine washable at 60° C; wash the footbed separately from the clog.
This product can be machine washed at 30° C.
This product can be machine washed at 60° C.
This product should only be washed by hand; product is not machine washable.
This product is lye-resistant and is therefore suitable for use in kitchens and food service areas as well as in medical professions.
This product has a grease- and oil-resistant sole that is also nonslip. It is ideal for daily use in kitchens and food service areas as well as in medical and care professions.
BIRKENSTOCK Professional A640 polyurethane clogs have a steel toe (test energy of 200 joules). The clogs, which have been certified in accordance with EN ISO 20345:2011, were tested by TÜV Rheinland.
The super-grip sole is comprised of two components: a nonslip, oil- and grease-resistant outsole made of rubber and a shock-absorbing midsole made of light, flexible EVA.
A630 model: This model is TÜV-certified in accordance with EN ISO 20347:2012 OB E SRC. A640 model: This model is TÜV-certified in accordance with EN ISO 20345:2011 SB E SRC. .
The Super Birki and Profi Birki models are TÜV-certified in accordance with EN ISO 20347:2012 OB E SRC.