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BIRKENSTOCK protects joints and muscles with footwear that’s appropriate for medical settings and all other healing professions.

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Medical Shoes: Practical and Professional

Performance is paramount for shoes that support professional caregivers serving long hours and days in the field. BIRKENSTOCK medical clogs support doctors, nurses and medical personnel’s unique lifestyles and hard-working feet so that footwear is an asset that they don’t need to worry about.

What sets apart the medical clog?

BIRKENSTOCK medical shoes are specially designed for high functionality. Every construction detail—fabric choice, colorway—is made with performance and practicality in mind.

  • The exterior- Polyurethane (PU) and premium leather are expertly utilized to create the styles that make up the BIRKENSTOCK collection of medical shoes. The PU styles are lightweight and washable to guarantee hygiene-consciousness. And some styles provide complete coverage, optimal for hard use (the BIRKENSTOCK A630 and A640). The leather clog styles, made of soft premium leather, are made to retain its shape and last as long as you need.

  • The interior footbed- The BIRKENSTOCK footbed has long been lauded for its anatomically ideal construction that serves today as the standard of custom comfort, and our leather Boston and Toyko clogs utilize it to full effect. The cork footbed in the Profi and Super Birki PU clog is created to be removable and interchangeable. The PU styles are lined with soft microfiber and washable corkbed .

  • The sole- The foamed PU soles are oil- and grease-resistant, and water- and dirt-resistant. The dual-component soles of the leather clogs are equipped with super-grip sole that works with the cushioning EVA midsole to create a reliable step every time.

Who will love the BIRKENSTOCK medical clog?

Surely those in the medical industry will be drawn to these styles but really, anyone serving long days will love these clogs. Its traditional design, as seen in its construction and monochromatic colorways, works with specific details to create attractive minimalist styles. Back straps are added to some clog styles to secure them to feet on the go (the Tokyo clog). For professionals that need to slip in out and out of shoes a bit easier, there are slide clogs that omit this feature (the Boston). Some styles have raised heels (the Profi Burki), some are designed with flat heels (Super Burki), and some are outfitted with steel toe caps for optimal comfort and safety (the A640).