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Waterproof, dirt-resistant and comfortable styles that are kind to feet, and perfect for passionate and professional gardeners.

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Gardening Shoes: Lightweight, Hard-Wearing Clogs

The garden can be the most high-maintenance part of a home. While watering the grass, manually pulling weeds or doing heavy landscaping, you will need hard-wearing shoes that can keep up, stay out of the way and protect against the elements. The BIRKENSTOCK collection offers a series of lightweight, hard-wearing gardening clogs that will do just that.

What makes a good gardening clog?

The BIRKENSTOCK line of gardening shoes features key elements that set it apart from the rest.

  • Durable exterior- Polyurethane (PU) is expertly utilized in this collection. PU styles are lightweight and durable, flexible and washable. The shoes provide complete coverage by way of a seamless design for all-around protection.

  • Footbed insert- To provide maximum support and comfort, the PU gardening styles are outfitted with the same renowned footbed for which BIRKENSTOCK has come to be known. An insert lined with soft microfiber, the ergonomically shaped footbed is also replaceable and washable, guaranteeing a high standard of hygiene.

  • Depth of heel- The heel ranges from a flat to raised height across the gardening clog collection to provide the best protection and support.

  • Sole- Featuring a deep cut, the PU soles are directly foamed, and most importantly water, oil and grease-resistant so as to ensure the best grip and non-slip performance.

Spotlighting the BIRKENSTOCK gardening clog collection

Polyurethane is a highly durable, skin-friendly material that makes the BIRKENSTOCK gardening shoe collection full of attractive choices for garden work and beyond. All styles are washable up to 80 degrees Celsius, and depending on the models, the removable microfiber footbed inserts as well, at 30 degrees Celsius (cork latex of the Super Birki, A 630 and A640 models) or 60 degrees Celsius (polyurethane of the Profi Birki model). The A 640 clog with steel toe (200 joules) delivers unprecedented protection, and its smooth upper delivers a bit of extra shine. The Super Birki offers unconventional colors from Red to shades of Green, injecting personality to the classic gardening clog.